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The Stream: Just Simplify the Rams Offense

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by -X-, Nov 23, 2011.

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    Published: November 23, 2011 @ 1:46pm
    Zach McCrite

    If you want to see real ridiculousness in text form, follow Zach on Twitter at @BigEZ.

    Here we are once again folks. It's a Thanksgiving Week edition of The Stream. Usually I hit on six, eight, 10 different items in this space, but today there's just a little more meat on my turkey leg, if you will.

    A corny attempt at a joke, I know. Let's get started.

    If the people at Rams Park want to use a brand new offensive coordinator and the lockout as a couple of the reasons their team is at 2-8 this year, I can understand. But, if a big part of the Rams' woes is the inability of being able to grasp such a complex offense, wouldn't it make sense to "dumb down" the playbook? Sure, that can be frustrating to the coaches, but common sense would tell me that once one "style" of the McDaniels offense is practiced for a week or two, a lot of it gets thrown out the window the following week for a brand new "style" (enter the spread offense with an empty backfield like we saw for a good portion of the day Sunday). If the Rams can learn these new styles of offenses and adapt so quickly to them in just a week's time, then why would the absence of a standard offseason be any crutch for a crappy season?

    There have been two plays this season that have summed up the 2011 Rams for me. One of them occurred earlier this season (a red-zone possession that inexplicably ended in a punt) and then Sunday when the Rams got in "victory" formation and took a knee to end the 24-7 misery that was the Seahawks. In no means am I saying that running a play would've mattered, but if I'm a fan who stayed until the end, I consider that a slap in the face. Run a draw play or something.

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