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The key to our "D"....is our Offense.....

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by bomebadeeda, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. bomebadeeda Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2013
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    I know. Sounds a bit silly, but I think I can hash my thoughts out. Our defense has been built to defend the pass. And it is the one type of offense, that the blitz can completely disrupt. But teams won't pass for passing sake. If we can't stop the run, we'll be in line for a year like last year. Brockers has his moments where he's extremely tough against the run, but he's only one cog. We must get the lead and make teams pass, which in turn plays into our strength. How many times at the end of games we won last year, was our defense feasting in the fourth....(I rather like that term.... "Feast in the Fourth!".....) If our offense can extend drives and reduce our opponents drives by shortening the game (use the clock...), I think we can have that winning season everyone is looking for us to put forth.
    It's kind of interesting to see where we have weaknesses and how they can be exploited. SF has used that same equation to beat us last year. But another year older, not to mention their offseason hasn't been as smooth as they hoped, gives us a stronger chance to reverse course. Seattle, they shut down the run to make people throw at their strength....their secondary. But grind out drives against them and the secondary is then put on an island to stop teams w/o their great safety support. And their weakness happens to be their offensive line. Get the lead and make them beat you w/ the pass. Yeah, Russell will run around and get a few "highlight" plays.....But we've alreadys hown we can sack him w/ regularity. And both him and Kaopectate will throw short to avoid rushes. Williams will have the guys rallying to the dumps as blitzing usually rotates into the obvious outlets. (See Coach O for a better diagram on that...).
    But it's the offense that needs to get leads, control the clock and make teams beat us by dropping back. No, we don't have the greatest secondary, but we might have the best pass rush, which allows some faults in our coverage. We need to let our big guys control the game and make teams gamble on defense.
    But these are my thoughts for the moment....
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