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The 2014 Rams Free Agent Class

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by FRO, Jun 9, 2014.

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    Jun 1, 2013
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    Last year I wanted either Jared Cook or Jake Long we got both. However looking over free agency you rarely get good bang for your buck. Had Jake Long not tore his knee, he would have been well worth his contract if not out performing it. Jared Cook is an athletic freak, however I feel he is better when not the primary option. Then look at the 2012 class headed by Finnagen, Wells, and Langford. Langford is solid, Wells is average, and last year Finnagen was horrible. Then you had guys in the 2012 class like Hayes and Dunbar who have plays very well for us. This 2014 class tries to see if they can get more Hayes/Dunbar types. It is possible however we can get Laws/Turner types instead. With that being said I really like the 2014 class. This is how free agency should be done. Forking out big money rarely works and usually loads your cap space with dead money. Free agency should be used as a side dish, not the main course. That's what the draft is for. If you can't draft well you are doomed.

    2014 free agent class:
    Alex Carringron DT Age: 26- Started all 3 games he played in last year for Buffalo. Fringe starting ability. Great rotational DT

    Shaun Hill QB Age: 34- One of the best backups in the game. A huge improvement at the position.

    Kenny Britt WR Age: 25- Looked like he was going to emerge as a star WR early in his career. Injuries and attitude derailed that. If he can regain form he will be a steal.

    TJ Moe WR Age: 23- Rams tried signing him as a UDFA last year. Could emerge as an Amendola like slot guy.

    Greg Reid CB Age: 23- Slot CB and special teams guy. Has plus physical ability. Off the field concerns.

    Davin Joseph OG Age: 30- Comes in as a swing OG. If recovered fully from his injury he will be a bargain.
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