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So I thought I should share some of my writing with you guys...

Discussion in 'OFF TOPIC' started by Memento, May 22, 2014.

  1. Memento

    Memento Ser Memento (alias, The Winged Knight).

    Jul 30, 2010
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    I know that it's not even close to being finished, but hey, it's a start, right? Here it is:


    Deep in a dark, filthy alley, a teenaged peasant girl watched carefully for guards patrolling the crowded area. She was a thief, and she knew the dangers of what she was doing. If she was lucky, she’d spend a night in the dungeons. If not, she would lose one of her hands.

    Moibeal had no intention of letting either of those things happen to her. Once or twice, she had contemplated stopping to find honest work, but she knew that the only real honest work for a female sinner was to toil in one of the many beds of crops around Stonegarden. Theft made more of a living for her and her little brother in a day than gardening would in ten seasons. Sure, the risks were high, but so long as the black market kept paying for what she stole, the rewards were always greater.

    So the peasant girl continued to steal trinkets and baubles of all kinds from the snooty highfolk with their fancy clothes and snobbish disgust of anyone lower than they were. Even the place they lived in was a farce; Moibeal saw nothing “heavenly” about the Golden Keep of Heaven - at least, not from her perspective. Those stupid highfolk knew nothing about what people like her had to deal with on a daily basis. The crap and pee pee of animals and impoverished humans alike, the stench of decaying animal carcasses...what did those idiots know about the world beyond their pretty little houses and marketplaces?

    Moibeal’s storm-gray eyes quickly found their mark in the midst of the crowd: an elderly woman with a rather shiny silver necklace. She took a deep breath and brushed her long jet-black hair away from her face as she crept out of the alley. She had only taken three steps when the old woman looked at her with a smug smile. The young thief realized that she had made an impulsive mistake when a bunch of guards sprung out of nowhere.

    Ye idiot, Moibeal! Who’d be daft enough tae wear a pure silver necklace in public? It’s a trap, and ye fell right intae it, ye fool!

    “Stop right there, thief or ah’ll have yer head!”

    Moibeal sprinted away from the guard who had made the threat, making her way down the alley where she had been hiding. With a single running leap, she bounded over an upturned wooden cart, luckily not catching any part of her woolen dress on the obstacle. She pushed piles of debris into the path of the footsteps behind her, her hair streaming behind her like a banner. The sounds of curses and shouts of dismay told her that her tactics had worked, that the guards weren’t going to catch her. The young thief turned the corner and was gone from sight in a heartbeat.

    Moibeal took the time to catch her breath before she peered around the corner. The guards had vanished, and she allowed herself a small smile before she realized that she had not gotten her loot for the day. The peasant girl sighed reluctantly. She was not eager to run away from the guards again, but without loot, there were no coins. No coins meant no food for her or her little brother, and she would not allow him to starve on her watch.

    The peasant girl swiftly made her way down the back alleys that she called home. She didn’t even need to look to know where she was going; countless days of using them as temporary shelters and escape routes had left her with a better knowledge of those narrow passages than anyone in Stonegarden. She felt her way around the shadowy walls, gingerly stepping over the half-eaten corpse of a beggar that still had rats scurrying around the remains. Moibeal absentmindedly wondered if she had known the poor fellow before shaking her head. Even if she did know the dead beggar, it wasn’t like it would matter at this point. After all, dead was dead.


    So, thoughts would be appreciated and all.
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