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Rams' Ogletree should thrive in Williams' attacking defense/PD

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by RamBill, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. RamBill

    RamBill Well-Known Member

    Rams' Ogletree should thrive in Williams' attacking defense
    • By Joe Lyons


    Alec Ogletree cannot help being excited about the offseason addition of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and his style.

    “It’s a lot of the same stuff we did last year, but it’s just a lot more aggressive,’’ the second-year outside linebacker said earlier this week at Rams Park in Earth City. “You can already see the difference, even though it’s only OTAs. Guys are flying around and having fun. We just seem to be a lot more comfortable with each other and I definitely think coach Williams is going to make a big difference.

    “A lot of guys respect him and want to play for a guy like that. He’s going to shoot you straight. You want to go out and give it your all for him because you know he’s giving his all, too.’’

    Ogletree, selected by the Rams with the No. 30 overall pick in the 2013 draft, is the physical, quick and and athletic player who would seem to be an ideal fit for Williams’ attack-style defense. But the 22-year-old insists that he’s not the only such player on this roster.

    “This is something we’re all looking forward to,’’ he said. “We’ve got a lot of athleticism and speed on our team and with (Williams) being so aggressive and with our depth allowing us to keep bringing fresh players into the game, I think we’re going to be able to put a lot of pressure on the other team’s quarterback.’’

    Ogletree, who starred at the University of Georgia, was named to several All-Rookie teams a year ago but was not the Rams’ rookie of the year. That honor went to running back Zac Stacy, who led the team in rushing (973 yards) and touchdowns (eight).

    But the 6-foot-2, 245-pound Ogletree did lead the Rams in tackles (155), ending a string of four consecutive seasons of that honor going to middle linebacker and team leader James Laurinaitis. In addition, Ogletree finished among the league leaders with six forced fumbles top go along with 1½ sacks, seven passes defended, five quarterback pressures and three quarterback hits. He also showed some big-play ability, returning his only interception 98 yards for a touchdown in the Rams’ 38-13 rout of the Texans in Houston.

    “Each week he does something that surprises you,’’ Rams coach Jeff Fisher said late last season. “You just say, ‘Wow’ on a positive side. He’s tackled very well, got off blocks. ... He’s making a lot of plays for us.’’

    A starter from day one with the Rams, Ogletree struggled at times early last season with shedding blocks and finding his way in coverage. But he improved dramatically across the board as the season progressed and now feels ready to take another step forward as he prepares for his second training camp.

    “It’s like night and day,’’ he said. “When I first started last year, I was kind of nervous, trying to learn the position and to learn what I needed to do on the play. This year, I feel a lot more comfortable. I just feel like I’m able to go out there and just play and have fun.’’

    Ogletee, who posted a career-best 15 tackles in a 42-21 blowout win over the Chicago Bears in Week 12 last year, recorded double-digit tackles in 10 games, including the last six.

    The Rams wrapped up OTA workouts this week — veterans will report for training camp July 24 — and Ogletree finished strong by picking off a pair of passes during Tuesday’s session. On the first, he stepped in front of a Sam Bradford seam pass intended for tight end Lance Kendricks. Later, in an 11-on-11 drill, he made an early read and jumped the route to pick off a short pass in the flat.

    “Actually, those were my first two picks during OTAs,’’ he said. “It was fun.’’

    Ogletree, who started his college career as a safety, feels good about the progress he made in his first pro season, but he is definitely looking for more success, individually and for the team, in 2014.

    “I think I had a pretty good rookie year,’’ he said. “Just looking to get better this year. I had a lot of growth last year, with being able to be out there early and to get a lot of experience under my belt.

    “This year, I’m just trying to be more consistent in my preparation and out there on the field, getting lined up correctly and just communicating ... trying to make sure we’re all on the same page.’’
  2. RamFan503

    RamFan503 Grill and Brew Master

    Can't wait to watch Tree in year two and with Williams calling the D.
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  3. Elmgrovegnome

    Elmgrovegnome Well-Known Member

    We have seen many articles about Williams and his demand for accountability. It will be interesting to find out who will be able to hang on his defense and who wont. In other stories you read about Williams being a man and not bringing a pacifier to the games. Then, if I think about some of the personalities that Fisher has drafted, that have had character flags, I wonder if a few of them wont mesh. One possibility comes to mind immediately.
  4. fearsomefour

    fearsomefour Well-Known Member

    I think Ogletree will be our D player of the year. Lead the team in tackles 10+ sacks, forced fumbles a couple of pics.
    He flashed being a dominating force last year despite being pretty raw. He may very well turn out to be the best of the "RG3" draft years.
    The Rams could legitimately have 8 pro bowl players on D (whether they are ignored or not in voting)....all while the only thing the national media can spew out is make or break year for Bradford stuff, for the most part.
  5. RamBill

    RamBill Well-Known Member

    Alec Ogletree could thrive in Rams' more aggressive D

    By Kevin Patra
    Around the League writer


    Alec Ogletree entered the NFL with undeniable athleticism and playmaking ability that made him an intriguing addition to the St. Louis Rams' defense.

    In his second year the linebacker expects to make even more plays in new coordinator Gregg Williams' aggressive, attacking-style defense.

    "This is something we're all looking forward to,'' he said earlier this week, per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "We've got a lot of athleticism and speed on our team and with (Williams) being so aggressive and with our depth allowing us to keep bringing fresh players into the game, I think we're going to be able to put a lot of pressure on the other team's quarterback.''

    According to the team's count Ogletree led the Rams with 155 tackles in 2013 (NFL.com stats had him down for 117 tackles). He also earned six forced fumbles, 1.5 sacks, 10 passes defensed and an interception returned 98 yards for a touchdown.

    The 22-year-old, however, got lost too many times in coverage and struggled at times shedding blocks.

    Ogletree, however, believes with a year under his belt those lapses are in the past and he will be even more disruptive under Williams.

    "It's like night and day,'' he said."When I first started last year, I was kind of nervous, trying to learn the position and to learn what I needed to do on the play. This year, I feel a lot more comfortable. I just feel like I'm able to go out there and just play and have fun.''

    Williams stearing a dangerous defense headlined by a dominant line starring Robert Quinn, Chris Long and rookie Aaron Donald is a wild card in the stacked NFC West. If Ogletree makes the leap in year two the unit could rival the other preeminent defenses in the division.
  6. SierraRam

    SierraRam Recreational User

    I have to admit, I get fired up every season around this time. After our miracle season in 1999, I always look thru rose-colored glasses, down a quart of kool-aid, and believe we have a chance to make a run. A decade of disappointment does create a little doubt, but:

    It's different this year! This forum is full of die-hard followers who, like me, can feel the excitement from the coaches, players and writers. We're on our way to a something special.

    Thanks RamBill for all of your posts. Ram news is hard to come by in Niner country.
  7. BuffaloRam

    BuffaloRam New Member

    Is this the most talented Defense that Williams has had a chance to work with? I'm looking forward to seeing how these guys gameplan each week, and disguise their packages
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  8. SierraRam

    SierraRam Recreational User


    With what were hearing about Donald at OTA's, I can't wait. There were countless times when the QB stepped up to avoid Quinn and Long - That option is going away. Teams will freak out trying to get our front 4 blocked, and GW will have a LB or S running untouched at the QB:

    BAM! :later:
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  9. BD-TomCat

    BD-TomCat New Member

    Williams will show everyone how a defense is suppose to be ran. No more 10yd cushions when its only 3rd N 5. We will not give away free yards this year teams will have to earn it and I cant wait to watch this D Move into the Top 10 Hopefully top 5 category
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  10. RamzFanz

    RamzFanz Well-Known Member

    Top 1.
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