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Oc's Mock Draft

Discussion in 'MOCK DRAFTS' started by OC, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. OC

    OC New Member

    First post/mock draft but tried to make it as realistic as possible with which round each player is projected to go in.
    Sign- Saffold and Barnes
    Cut- Wells, Dahl,and Finnegan
    Trade with Cleveland for their two firsts and second round 3rd overall
    1.4 Greg Robinson Auburn OT
    1.13 Darqueeze Dennard Michigan State CB
    1.26 Zach Martin Notre Dame OT/OG
    2.3 Aaron Donald Pitt DT
    2.11 Calvin Pryor Louisville FS
    3.11 Yawin Smallwood UCONN ILB/OLB
    4. Jimmy Garoppolo Eastern Illinois QB
    5.Devin Street Pitt WR
    6. James Wilder Jr. FSU RB
    7. Marcus Martin USC C
    If Jake Long isn't ready to go by start of next season have Robinson start at LT Zach Martin starts at LG from day one, Saffold at RG, and Barksdale at RT. Barnes/Jones/M. Martin battle it out for center.
    If Jake Long is ready to go then Robinson starts at RT and everything else stays the same.
    The way i see it we get a dominant road grader tackle in Robinson and a great starting guard/swing tackle in Z. Martin to shore up the o-line. Also M. Martin is a sleeper at center, three year starter at USC and pretty big dude to provide good competition at center. Love Donald and think he is going to be the steal of the draft wherever he goes (really hope its to the rams). Add in a a top CB and FS in Dennard and Pryor with a great OLB (that the rams i believe have been interested in) in Smallwood and our D becomes even better. Better D plus fixed o-line = pretty good turn of events this off-season for me. Let me know what you guys think?
  2. chefRAMzy

    chefRAMzy New Member

    man im drooling over this draft... looks to good to be true. one question is if jake long is ready who starts?? barksdale,saffold,barrett,robinson,long, so zach martin is gonna ride the bench. i think that would work if saffold isnt retained. but if he is and we take a first rounder to ride the bench im a little iffy about that pick but overall im feeling this draft.
  3. OC

    OC New Member

    If long is ready to go I think Robinson is good enough to beat out barksdale for RT and then Martin would stay at LG. So the line would be
    Long/Martin/Center-Competition/Saffold/Robinson. I think Martin is kind of a luxury pick as Barksdale is a good RT and Robinson could play the LG spot until he's ready, but Martin impresses the hell out of me. Projected as a great guard and was the best tackle at the senior bowl. Just my opinion but I think he could start at any spot on the o-line with no injury concerns.
  4. Ramhusker

    Ramhusker Well-Known Member Pick 'Em Champion Pit Boss

    I like it but I don't think you will sniff Martin at 26th, he'll probably be gone and no way Pryor will still be there at 11 in the 2nd. I think want Martin more than any other OL though. He's versatile and hard-core, blue-collar tough. He's exactly what the Rams need.
  5. brokeu91

    brokeu91 Well-Known Member

    That would be a hell of a draft if you could pull it out. I'm not sure that Aaron Donald lasts until the second and Martin might be gone before 26
  6. ausmurp

    ausmurp Well-Known Member

    I think a lot of people are rating the realistic trade with the Browns too high. There is no way they give us all that to move up 2 picks, not gonna happen. I could see them giving their 1.4 and 2.3, that is it. And even that is a lot to move up 2 picks...let's hope they're for real about Manziel and a few other teams show interest as well...