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NFL Analyst Charles Davis on 101ESPN

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by -X-, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. -X-

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    (Bradford needs some help at receiver. Your thoughts on Blackmon? Franchise piece wide receiver?)
    I love JB, I love his college production. He took on the mantle of being the #1 guy. No matter where they lined him up, defenses rolled coverage to him, and he kept putting up numbers. Especially in big games. That's what I like about him. 6'1, 207lb at the combine, but the shock to all of us is that he plays MUCH bigger than those numbers. I like him, but if you put him in the draft last year, he'd go #3 after Julio Jones and A.J. Green.

    (Do you think the media overrates 40 times?)
    All of us do. Speed is something we're all hard-wired to admire. Jerry Rice wasn't all that fast, but did we see guys catching him from behind? No. Same as [Michael] Irvin. Blackmon is the same type of guy. Speed isn't as big as his ability to get away from you.

    (On the Browns' draft strategy)
    I would have said to them, "make every noise possible that you're thinking about." Especially about Tannehill. Make those other teams who are QB hungry think about moving up. I would have made Miami say, "Hmmm... I need to come up from 8 if I want that guy." One decision maker likes Blackmon, another one likes Tannehill, but the wild-card is Claiborne. That's the guy they should get. He fits there. Give Jauron another big time player there, put him opposite Haden, and get better on defense.

    (On Trent Richardson. Should the Rams draft him?)
    It's a difficult thing. Anyone who watches Steven Jackson admires him. He's at a point in his career where he can handle the Rams drafting Trent Richardson. I don't think Marshall Faulk was ready for the Rams to draft Jackson. There was no mentor relationship between Marshall and Jackson. I think Steven would be an ideal mentor. His personality fits it, he pays it forward, and he would do that. If they draft Richardson, I think the move is you're looking to see what you can do with Steven Jackson. Just with the odometer on a RB. You remember Earl Campbell... there were no warning signs that he was breaking down. He just showed up for camp one year and 'boom'. He was done. If you're thinking salary cap numbers and everything, you probably should draft Richardson. Better to get rid of a star a year too soon than a year too late. It's a hard thing to do though. All said, I'd think the Rams take Blackmon instead (if both are still there).
  2. Thordaddy

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    Apr 5, 2012
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    IMO SJ can lose two steps and still move the chains,in fact if he would give up on elusive and just run down hill hr might get more yards.
    He won't suddenly disappear like Campbell who got fat ,SJ is a workout beast who has too much pride to let himself go downhill, he's a great deal like Aeneas Williams that way.