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New Mock Draft: Greg Robinson

Discussion in 'MOCK DRAFTS' started by lockdnram21, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. lockdnram21

    lockdnram21 Well-Known Member

  2. den-the-coach

    den-the-coach Well-Known Member

    Now great mock, however, I would swap out Tevin Smith for a Guard. Rams need a guard really bad and drafting Brandon Thomas is nice, but it does not give a Ram a Guard on September Morn. Best case is Thomas goes on PUP list and starts second part of the year so I would draft a guard instead of Thomas like Gabe Jackson who could start for the Rams in September and go OLB at 153 because it's not a need with Dunbar and Ray-Ray Armstrong who many are forgetting about.
  3. laramsoriginal

    laramsoriginal Well-Known Member

    Its time to add quality over quantity. Adding 14 rookies to the roster will not help the rams win an nfcw title anytime soon.