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My speech about how ESPN is ruinin sports

Discussion in 'OFF TOPIC' started by Angry Ram, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Angry Ram aka Captain RAmerica aka the OG Rammer

    Jul 1, 2010
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    This wasn't the final copy, just what I wanted to say I typed out. Originally it was supposed to be an attempt at a blog entry here, but just never got around to it.

    The Entertainmetn and Sports Programing Network, the leader in sports?

    Do an excellent job in certain shows such as ESPN 1st Take, ESPNews, and broadcasting games.

    Where I believe they fail is equal and fair coverage of sports.

    Today I’d like to offer some of my opinions on why I think ESPN is ruining sports, and hopefully will see and agree with my premise. I will be going thru 3 of the 4 major sports: NFL, NBA, and MLB and giving examples on where they fail and what they can do to improve.

    First, the NFL. This is the main sport I follow.

    Equal coverage? There are 32 teams in the league. Instead of focusing on all of them, aside from news and tidbits here or there.

    Buffalo Bills WR Stevie Johnson was on NFL Live a couple weeks ago. I thought, OK finally some coverage. Only 1 or 2 questions were about the Bills. The others were about Terrell Owens future. Why was there a need to bring up that question?

    The constant coverage of the New England Patriots. As a St. Louis Rams fan, I was looking forward to seeing highlights of Bradford. Instead, I was treated to the Tom Brady show. Analysts GUSHED over Patriot highlights, but not Rams. However, instead of giving credit to the Rams 1st string offense for scoring TDs, they instead focused on the Patriot’s problems on D!

    Speaking of Tom Brady, ESPN has been running specials called Year of the QB. One such special is fully dedicated to Brady. Fine, I get that he’s a top QB. But, on the episode titled “best of” I want to see more of the other 31 QBs, I don’t need to see Brady’s face in it more than once. Equal coverage.
    Too much attention is layed upon a few teams, while the rest get stuck in the dark.

    The NBA. Where to start here.
    Around this time last year, we all saw “The Decision”, LeBron James’ special to announce what team he was going to…on ESPN. An entire special dedicated to a player that has never won a championship. Special treatment, much?

    Russell Westbrook vs. LeBron.

    The past NBA finals, more attention was paid on the Heat than the Mavs. The clip of James and Dwayne Wade mocking Nowitzski’s illness was played countless times. On 1st Take they do these debates, and the 1st debate was about the Heat. THEN it came time to talk about the Mavs.

    A Milwakee Bucks game was broadcast on ESPN this year. They had a losing record, but their fans were intense and loudly cheering out, some with antlers on their head. Now how could someone who doesn’t have a team see that, and become a Bucks fan? Sadly, ESPN rarely, if ever, talks about them. No one could a name a player from that team. More exposure would lead to more fans and generate more interest.

    Hey, did you hear Derek Jeter has hit 3000 career hits? Do think Derek Jeter should play the all star game? Is Derek Jeter losing credibility sitting out? Derek Jeter, Derek Jeter, Derek Jeter.

    Do you think the Red Sox can turn it around? What’s wrong with them? Are they now contenders? Coming up our premiere Sunday night game, the Rays and the Red Sox.

    Bias? How many baseball fans know that the Pirates and Indians are fighting for 1st place in their respective divisions, let alone name any players? Give some exposure to these teams, rather than just talk about the Yankees and Red Sox and their players.

    I also talked aboiut the annoying Brett Favre coverage from last year, and how days on end were spent covering him, plus when Albert Pujols broke his forearm and on SportsCenter had a "career lows for Pujols" segment.

    Russell Westbrook vs. Lebron meaning how much they were defending LeBron and all the nonstop criticism Westbrook had durin the playoffs.
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