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My one and only triple dose of mocks

Discussion in 'MOCK DRAFTS' started by Angry Ram, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Angry Ram

    Angry Ram aka Captain RAmerica aka the OG Rammer

    Jul 1, 2010
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    I made 3, nothing too complicated. I wanted to get an idea of what players are available.

    I used this site: http://fanspeak.com/ontheclock/draft.php which gave me a simple simulator w/ no unrealistic trades (in fact, there aren't any). I used the "big boards" of Optimum Scouting, Fanspeak, and Walter Football b/c I have no idea how they see players. This gave me the most random players on 3 different ranks.

    I took players based on ranking, best available, and need. I also tried to make some perceived draft "blunders" or "head scratchers" in cliche terms.

    Mock 1 (Using Optimum Scouting's "big board")

    1. Sammy Watkins- WR, Clemson (Texans took Teddy Bridgewater 1st overall FYI).
    1a. Aaron Donald- DT, Pittsburgh (all the top CBs were gone)
    2. Ryan Shazier- OLB, Ohio State
    3. Tre Mason- RB, Auburn
    4. Tyler Larsen- C, Utah State
    5. Cornelius Lucas- OT, Kansas State
    6. Tajh Boyd- QB, Clemson
    6a. Telvin Smith- S, Florida State
    7. Victor Hampton- CB, South Carolina
    7a. Boo Boo Gates- S, Bowling Green (I love this name)
    7b. Ethan Westbrooks- DE, West Texas A&M

    So this doesn't fill a lot of needs, just reloads on positions of strength, and has the potential for starters on defense when Kendall Langford and Jo-Lonn Dunbar leave in a year or 2.

    Mock 2 (Using Fanspeak's "big board")

    1. Jake Matthews- OT, Texas A&M (Texans took Teddy Bridgewater 1st again here)
    1a. Darqeuze Dennard- CB, Michigan State (funny thing Greg Robinson was still available)
    2. Marquise Lee- WR, USC
    3. Terrence Brooks- S, Florida State
    4. Bishop Sankey- RB, Washington (here's one of those "head scratchers")
    5. Tyler Larsen- C, Utah State
    6. Ryan Carrethers- DT, Arkansas State
    6a. Connor Shaw- QB, South Carolina
    7. Jalen Saunders- WR, Oklahoma
    7a. Kevin Pierre-Lewis- OLB, Boston College
    7b. Marqueston Huff- S, Wyoming

    Mock 3 (Using Walterfootballs "big board")

    1. Sammy Watkins- WR, Clemson (Texans took Blake Bortles 1st)
    1a. Taylor Lewan- OT, Michigan (Darqueze Dennard, Aaron Donald, Anothony Barr, Louis Nix all available)
    2. Kyle Fuller- CB, Virginia Tech
    3. Tre Mason- RB, Auburn
    4. Anthony Johnson- DT, LSU
    5. Aaron Murray- QB, Georgia
    6. Vinny Sunseri- S, Alabama
    6a. Kevin Pierre-Lewis- LB, Boston College
    7. Aaron Colvin- CB, Oklahoma (this dude tore his ACL at the Senior Bowl)
    7a. Trey Millard- FB, Oklahoma (I didn't realize Mike McNeill signed elsewhere)
    7b. Brock Vereen- S, Minnesota

    So there it is. No more mocks from me. :later:
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