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My last mock

Discussion in 'MOCK DRAFTS' started by fearsomefour, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. fearsomefour Well-Known Member

    Jan 15, 2013
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    So, I came into this mock with a few assumptions (yes, I know that saying about assumptions).
    First, I released Finnigan and Dahl and Wells, resigned Barnes, Smith, Clemons. Added a mid level CB in FA and C Fernando Velasco from the Steelers to replace Wells.
    So, coming into the draft have added a CB for depth, upgraded the C spot (hopefully) and secured some O line depth. The biggest needs to me are Oline, safety and D depth all around. I see no real need at WR (unless it is a game changer), RB, TE, FB, DE or ST.

    I tried to match up need with player ranking when making choices. Sometimes need overrode where I personally would want to take a player (HaHa Dix for example) and sometimes potential and positional rank factored in. Tried to find relatively highly ranked players (for their position) for each pick. The hiring of Williams sort of influenced my thinking as well as I assume Dunbar would be brought back. The only trades was a trade down for Cleveland 2 first rounders and a trade up in the second round sending our 7th this year, 3rd next year to move up. Positional rank in ()
    So, here is what played out in this mock....

    1) J Matthews, OT....No big surprise. I think he is gonna be great and can start week 1 at LT if Long is not back, if Long is back then Mattews can slide inside to LG. Either way a day one starter. (1)

    1) HaHa Dix, S....Higher than I would like to have taken him, but, the highest rated S in the draft and a team need. In two other drafts I watched before I jumped in he was gone once at 13 and taken at 15 in the other. (1)

    1) Kyle Van Noy, OLB....There were three guys I really like at this spot that were available in this mock that I dont really think will be available on this late on draft day, one other being Aaron Donald DT. The reason I went with Van Noy is he is day 1 ready in my opinion and will be an upgrade over Dunbar. Drafting either a DT or OLB here is with the idea of cementing the front 7 with playmakers than can both assist the Dbackfield as it grows and keep games close for the O. (4)

    2) Stephon Tuitt, DT....This would be a steal and why I moved up a couple spots to get him. Disappointing season last year, but, I think has the potential to be the best DT in the draft. Cudju could easily be a cap casuality (cap number of $900,000). Tuitt provides immediate improved depth and a future starter. (4)

    3) Joel Bitonio, G....Played T at Nevada but projocts more as a G. Could be one of those versatile linemen the Rams like. With a new C and Long, Matthews and Barksdale locking down 3 Oline spots, Bitonio can provide versatile depth or compete with Barnes and Jones for the starting RG spot. (9, as a T)

    4) Christian Kirksey, OLB....Not a big need with Ogletree, JL and Van Noy but a solid player who can provide depth right away. This pick was taken with the opposite understanding as above....Van Noy drafted and Dunbar cut. Best rated CB is another option here. (10)

    5) David Fales, QB....Dont know if he will fall to the 5th round in the real draft, but, there is a chance. I decided I was going QB in the 5th or 6th round no matter what. (9)

    6) Preston Brown, ILB....Dont know much about him, but, we need to find a real MLB to back up JL. At some time JL is going to miss some time. (8)

    So, all the players drafted were ranking in the top 10 at their positions (accourding to CBS anyway). I would love a first round like that. Adding the top rated OT and S and a top five OLB would be great. A case can be made that Dix is going too high and a WR could be taken there. I would love to get Matthews and Van Noy, both day 1 players in my book which is what you want in round 1. That last pick in the first was tricky, there were guys there that I like a lot (Van Noy, Donald ect) that I dont think will be there that late on draft day. So, a starting T, S and OLB. Added quality at DT, G, OLB and QB.
    Not perfect (really?? three LBs) but not terrible. I know, no WRs. I cant justify any of the WR in the top five and the best ones were gone by 13. With the guys we have I am not interested in another project. TE, RB, FB, DE, ST were of no need.
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