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Discussion in 'Q & A WITH JOE BARKSDALE' started by Ramhusker, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Ramhusker

    Ramhusker Well-Known Member Pick 'Em Champion Pit Boss

    Thanks man for spending some time with us loyal fans. I'd like to ask you if there are certain situations during the season that you feel the team forms a collective mindset? For example, do you guys resign yourself before going to play in Seattle that it is going to be so loud in that place that a couple of false starts is a given or when going up against a certain player that seemingly can't be stopped, you just tell yourselves that that guy is going to get his and let's just focus on stopping everybody else?

    And I hope you are reading this after coming off a big win against the Jaguars! Good luck the rest of the season and GO RAMS!
  2. Joe Barksdale

    Joe Barksdale New Member

    The mindset for our team never changes and that mindset is to execute the game plan that the coaches have put in. We never go I to a game expecting to get penalties or to get dominated by someone on the opposing team because that is a defeatist and pessimistic mentality that doesn't live here.