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Late hits at Rams camp. Sirius NFL radio.

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by RustyRay, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. RustyRay Well-Known Member

    Jun 4, 2013
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    Talked about much of the stuff we have discussed in length, also talked with Demoff, Snead, Fisher, Bradford, Quinn, Stacy, Austin n JL.

    Talked about Tre Mason in the game the other night and they knew he could run but were most impressed with him in pass pro.

    The Godfather loves him some Greg Robinson, very high on him. He loves Bradford....really loves him. Says that the Rams have set weapons and protection around him now and expects Sam to shine this year. He is also very high on Quinn. Gil B was also very high on Jake Long and the way he played his whole career including last year. Says Long and Long both get dinged because of where they were taken if they were drafted at 10 people would be wow that guy is a great player for a guy taken outside of the top ten...

    Bradford was very high on the weapons they have, said they have speed everywhere...something they have only had in a place or two before. Also very high on the oline and the depth. One thing he said was they are young at the skill spots.

    Gil B said he has been massively impressed with Britt....wondering why anyone would ever let him go...he knows why...but says the talent is so obvious.

    Lots of talking about the new pass defense rules, the Rams are working with tennis balls with the dbs so they cant grab.

    Fisher talked about Joyner and the talent he has...Rams were very high on him. He says he can play but has been very grabby.

    A note I found very interesting...The Rams would have taken the LSU WR had he been there at 13 according to Gil B.

    JL very high on Ogletree says he has so much talent that Alec is so low key...but is now a machine and studies and watches film...all football.

    Will update more after the show ends.
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