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Jrry32 Rams Mock Off-season - 2/19/14

Discussion in 'NFL DRAFT / COLLEGE FOOTBALL' started by jrry32, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. jrry32 Well-Known Member

    Jan 14, 2013
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    This is a bit different from the past stuff I've done in that it's not purely what I'd do. While these are still players I favor, I am choosing players that fit what the Rams typically look for in their scheme fits. That is why Aaron Donald is not in this mock(Rams typically go after taller DTs) and a few other players have been changed up. Yes, I realize we have a 7th from Indy but I don't know which pick it is.
    Tim Barnes C - ERFA Tender($570,000)
    Jo-Lonn Dunbarr - 2 years $3 million($1.5 million first year cap hit)

    Cortland Finnegan CB - $4 million in cap relief(not counting the offset pay he receives in FA)
    Harvey Dahl OG - $4 million in cap relief
    Scott Wells C - $4.5 million in cap relief
    Mike Person OG - $645,000 in cap relief
    Jermelle Cudjo DT - $900,000 in cap relief

    Analysis: The cuts are pretty typical and expected at this point. Dunbar is brought back for his knowledge of the scheme. Rodger Saffold gets a better offer elsewhere to play OT.

    Free Agency Cap Room - $14.755 million

    Free Agency
    Jon Asamoah RG - $16 million over 4 years($3 million first year cap hit)
    Michael Griffin FS - $12 million over 3 years($3 million first year cap hit)

    Analysis: Asamoah has shown flashes of brilliance but also has been inconsistent and was benched late in 2013. This should make the 25 year old OG a cheaper commodity. We hand him the same contract that we handed Dahl as a FA. Asamoah still has a ton of potential that Boudreau hopefully can unlock. Michael Griffin is a cap casualty that the Rams scoop up for his knowledge of the scheme and ability to play in deep zone coverage.

    Rams trade:
    Pick #2

    Falcons trade:
    Pick #6
    Falcons 3rd
    2015 1st

    Analysis: Falcons are a team that are wanting to win now. The Rams are willing to deal with them due to our front office ties and our interest in trading down. Clowney has a monster combine and the Falcons feel like they must trade up to get him.

    NFL Draft
    Round 1 Pick #6 - Jake Matthews OT/OG/C Texas A&M
    Jeff Fisher coached his father, Bruce, and knows how valuable a player like Jake can be. While Jake's ultimate upside at LT may not be elite, he certainly has the skill-set to be a Jordan Gross type talent at LT. Gross is a 3 time Pro Bowler. When you combine that with his versatility(can play every spot on the OL and Long Snap), Matthews is a great fit for this team. He will give us a great fall-back option if Jake Long isn't ready, Long's successor at LT and a player that will come in and provide steady play wherever we need him in year 1.

    Round 1 Pick #13 - Mike Evans WR Texas A&M
    We double dip on Aggies in the first round. Evans is an underrated athlete with deceptive long strider speed that allowed him to be the SEC's premier deep threat in 2013. He has a big body at 6'5" 225 and is extremely strong at the catch point. Evans is also a physical WR that understands how to position his body and has excellent body control. His run after catch skills are also underrated and he possesses top tier hands. I think he's very comparable as a player to Alshon Jeffery. Plus, Evans didn't start playing football until his senior year of high school.

    Round 2 Pick #12 - Kyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech
    Fuller struggled with injuries in 2013 but when he was on the field, he was arguably the best CB in the nation. Fuller possesses outstanding ball skills, great technique and a good size to speed ratio. He has the quickness and fluidity to play in the slot although when he is on the field, Janoris Jenkins would be more likely to man the slot.

    Round 3 Pick #4 - A.J. McCarron QB Alabama
    Rumor is that the Rams will look to add a developmental QB behind Sam earlier in the draft than expected. McCarron has some flaws but also has the potential to be a starting QB in the NFL. He flashed better than expected velocity and movement skills this year at Alabama. He possesses NFL size at 6'4" 215 and showed off anticipation, sound decision making and a lot of competitiveness at Alabama. He reminds me a bit of Alex Smith but isn't as good of a runner. However, his deep ball is poor because of weight transfer issues stemming from footwork and a lack of confidence in his arm. He also throws off balance too often and needs to be more willing to stand and deliver against the blitz.

    Round 3 Pick #11 - Chris Borland OLB/ILB Wisconsin
    Borland gives the Rams much needed depth at the ILB behind Laurinaitis as well as a player that could compete with Jo-Lonn Dunbar at SLB. Borland is a fearless player that is extremely instinctual and flies to the football. He is an overachiever on the field and lacks NFL length but his high IQ, playmaking ability and willingness to take on blockers in the hole will draw NFL teams to him.

    Round 4 Pick #10 - Jaylen Watkins CB/FS Florida
    The brother of Sammy Watkins, Jaylen has played all over the secondary for Florida. He has the versatility to play outside at CB, in the slot and at FS. He's a scrappy player that tackles well with good quickness and solid foot speed. However, he needs to put on weight and add strength to keep from being pushed around.

    Round 5 Pick #13 - Jon Halapio OG Florida
    The type of player that Boudreau would love. Halapio needs technical refinement and has had durability problems. However, he's a big OG with a lot of strength and a lot of nasty. He's a guy to develop behind Asamoah and Matthews for the future. Has the potential to be a big time run blocker if he can stay healthy. Tough son of a gun though. Played through a torn pectoral.

    Round 6 Pick #12 - Brent Urban DT Virginia
    Urban fits the mold that the Rams typically look for at DT with his 6'6" 300 pound build. He has growth potential to add 10-15 pounds to his frame and already possesses powerful hands and a lot of strength. Urban controls blockers well with his long arms when he wins with the initial punch and generates a lot of push when he maintains leverage. However, he needs to be more consistent at both and has a tendency to play taller as the play goes on. Urban also only has average balance and spends a bit too much time on the ground.

    Round 7 Pick #11 - Trey Millard FB Oklahoma
    Millard is a hyper athletic FB from Oklahoma. He can lead block, catch the ball out of the back-field and run with it effectively. He appeared to be well on his way to being a 4th round pick due to his freakish athleticism for a 6'2" 255 pound FB but he tore his ACL during the 2013 season. Still, he has a lot of potential as a weapon and lead blocker in the NFL.

    Projected Starters
    QB: Sam Bradford
    HB: Zac Stacy
    FB: Trey Millard
    XWR: Mike Evans
    ZWR: Tavon Austin
    SLWR: Stedman Bailey
    TE: Jared Cook
    LT: Jake Long
    LG: Jake Matthews
    C: Barrett Jones
    RG: Jon Asamoah
    RT: Joe Barksdale

    LDE: Chris Long
    LDT: Kendall Langford
    RDT: Michael Brockers
    RDE: Robert Quinn
    WLB: Alec Ogletree
    MLB: James Laurinaitis
    SLB: Jo-Lonn Dunbar
    RCB: Janoris Jenkins
    LCB: Trumaine Johnson
    SLCB: Kyle Fuller
    FS: Michael Griffin
    SS: T.J. McDonald

    K: Greg Zuerlein
    P: Johnny Hekker

    What do you guys think?
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  2. den-the-coach Fifty-four Forty or Fight

    Jan 16, 2013
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    As usual Tom's Nemesis does it again awesome! Appreciate not factoring in Saffold and with this draft the only issue I have is with the Borland pick. IMO if they resign Dunbar with Bates & Armstrong I think they like their depth I would like to see a RB added with that pick as I have some concern with the depth there.

    Granted Borland would offer great depth behind Laurinaitis and the Rams do not have a true number 2 MLB, however, I'm just concerned at RB as well, but realize that Borland is a "Player."
  3. duckhunter Active Member

    Feb 17, 2013
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    The FA part is probably close to what they will do. No big splash needed, just solid moves to improve both sides of the ball.

    I like the draft and think it makes sense. The players are about right where they should go and offer good value/quality.

    Jeff seems to equitably improve both sides of the ball during the off season so he probably adds a defender with one of the 1st round picks.
  4. RamFan503 Grill and Brew Master Staff

    Jun 24, 2010
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    Love all the work you do and post for us Jrry. Just curious. You always seem to have a FB in your mocks. With Harkey, why do you think we are in that big of a need there?
  5. jrry32 Well-Known Member

    Jan 14, 2013
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    I wouldn't say it's a big need but if we could shift Harkey to TE and use him there, I think it would only help us. Especially if Kendricks doesn't re-sign after 2014.

    Plus, it's the 7th round and it's hard to project who will or won't be there so I just toss Millard in because he's talented.
  6. RamFan503 Grill and Brew Master Staff

    Jun 24, 2010
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    Got it. Not disagreeing with you either. I was just wonderin'
  7. jrry32 Well-Known Member

    Jan 14, 2013
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    Totally understood. Hopefully that explains it.