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Jrry32 Final Mock Draft - 5/2/2014

Discussion in 'MOCK DRAFTS' started by jrry32, May 2, 2014.

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    Jan 14, 2013
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    Alright guys, I'm getting a little creative here but I'm going to sticking with a lot of guys I've gone with before. This will be my final mock before the draft and will focus on players that I strongly want to see in horns. THIS IS WHAT I WOULD DO IF I WERE GM.
    Trade #1
    Rams trade: #2, 3rd
    Bills trade: #9, 2nd, 3rd, future 3rd, WR Steve Johnson
    Analysis: I don't see us getting a huge package in return for #2. Rumors are that the Bills are infatuated with Sammy Watkins. They give us a fair offer that benefits us. With Watkins, newly acquired Mike Williams, and 2013 draft picks Robert Woods and Marqise Goodwin...the Bills do not need Johnson. Johnson had a down year in 2013 due to him not working out hard enough during the off-season(admitted it). Still, Johnson is a 27 year old WR that posted back to back to back 1000 yard season from 2010 to 2012. He offers the Rams a proven, veteran presence at WR which is a necessity. We also come away with a 2nd, future 3rd, and swap 3rd round picks.

    Trade #2
    Rams trade: #13, 3rd
    Vikings trade: #8
    Analysis: The Rams trade up for Jake Matthews with the Vikings who are willing to trade down to select one of the QBs falling in the draft. We offer the 3rd round pick that we acquired from the Bills. It's a win-win deal for both sides.

    NFL Draft
    Round 1 Pick #8 - Jake Matthews OT/OG/C Texas A&M
    Matthews is a very pro ready OL that can contribute at any position on the offensive line. He has a NFL build at 6'6" 308 with growth potential to add another 5-10 pounds in a superior strength and conditioning program. Already a polished technician with a strong punch, consistent hand use, great bend, and the ability to redirect with ease, Matthews should be ready to play from day one. Matthews also shows the ability to absorb and anchor in as well as the ability to reset and re-anchor after a successful bull-rush. A graceful mover with quick feet, excellent balance, and the ability to mirror, Matthews is highly effective in pass protection. He's a very heady player that clearly watches film of his opponent and understands how to anticipate and counter their moves. As a run blocker, Matthews has good power as a drive blocker, uses angles well, generates an effective initial pop, and shows the ability to block in space as well as on the move. The closest things he has to a weakness are his average arm length and a kick-slide that needs a little work.

    Round 1 Pick #9 - Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh
    The Rams need game changers on both sides of the ball. Aaron Donald is a game changer which makes him an unique and highly sought after talent. While Donald is undersized at 6'1" 288, he is an energizer bunny that the rest of the defense can feed off of and the offense must put their focus on. Donald is the best pass rushing DT prospect that I've evaluated (been doing this since 2008). Yes, better at it than Suh. Donald combines his freakish acceleration with superior technique, excellent use of leverage, and ability to anticipate the snap count. Donald attacks the half man better than anyone in this class and uses the natural leverage that comes with his height to his advantage. He's very strong in the lower half, with powerful and violent hands, and Donald knows how to use him. Despite his lack of height, Donald often lands the first punch and gets the OL on his heels. When Donald does that, he has the OL where he wants him either using his quickness with a swim, rip, or club move to blow by the OL or his strength and leverage to push the OL back into the back-field. Simply put, when Donald is left 1 on 1, he wins the majority of the time. On a defense with Quinn, Long, and Brockers, teams having to double Donald will only make our pass rush that much more lethal. Despite his size, Donald also can more than hold his own as a run defender although he's not a guy that will ideally be taking on double teams in the run game.

    Round 2 Pick #9 - Jimmie Ward FS/SLCB Northern Illinois
    Jimmie Ward is a versatile safety with the ability to man up on the slot WR, play in the box, or be used in deep zone coverage. He's a movable chess piece for Gregg Williams. Ward has excellent instincts that make it seems like he's always around the football making a play. He plays with a hot motor and rarely is not involved in the play some way or the other. Ward is also a reliable tackler in space showing the ability to break-down and make tackles 1 on 1 along with the quickness to keep from being out of position. In deep zone coverage, Ward shows good play recognition and range at FS. He's a very good all around safety that is only really lacking in height at 5'11" 193.

    Round 2 Pick #12 - LaMarcus Joyner SLCB/FS Florida State
    I struggled with this pick because I really considered Phillip Gaines from Rice here but I had to go with Joyner. He's another movable chess piece on defense for Gregg Williams. Realistically, either Joyner or Ward could end up at FS or in the Slot. Both are quite good in either role. Joyner is an undersized defense at 5'8" 185 but he packs a major punch. He was very arguably one of the hardest hitters in college football. Joyner is a true playmaker in the vein of Tyrann Mathieu. Although, Mathieu is more skilled at forcing fumbles while Joyner hits much hard and plays with more strength. I haven't seen many guys as small Joyner be able to stand up HBs with ease or body-slam TEs. Joyner is truly freakish in how strong he is for his size. Like Aaron Donald, he's a guy that plays so much bigger than he is and plays with a chip on his shoulder that makes him lethal. He might draw some flags for KO'ing WRs but I don't know many Rams fans that will be complaining when it happens.

    Round 4 Pick #10 - Isaiah Crowell HB Alabama State
    Crowell is very arguably the most talented HB in this draft. He was once the #1 HB out of high school who was named SEC Freshman of the Year at Georgia. However, Crowell has major character concerns that led to him being dismissed from Georgia(weapons charges and failed drug tests). Still, at 5'11" 225, he has NFL size with breakaway speed and the ability to catch the ball out of the back-field. Crowell combines quick feet, impressive balance, and strong leg drive with his low pad level and no nonsense attitude as a runner. He will break tackles, create yards after contact, and is capable of taking it the distance if he gets the seam. His vision on the second level and in the open-field is especially impressive as is his ability to get skinny through small holes in the OL.

    Round 5 Pick #13 - Yawin Smallwood OLB Connecticut
    Smallwood's stock has dropped from the second round to the fifth round due to a poor off-season but he's a much more talented player on film than this. He ran a 5.0 40 after injuring his hamstring when he is more of a 4.6 guy on tape. Smallwood has NFL size at 6'2" 245 and is very arguably the best ILB/OLB in this class at stacking and shedding blocks. He's not a player that you have to keep blockers off of, he will take on and defeat blockers consistently. While Smallwood isn't overly sudden in short areas and is stiff in the hips, he shows good awareness in zone coverage as well as the straight-line speed to handle man to man duties against TEs. However, he should not be put in man to man coverage on HBs or slot WRs. Smallwood has the versatility and skills to play either the Mike or Sam in the NFL.

    Round 6 Pick #12 - Matt Patchan OT Boston College
    Patchan played his first four years at Florida before transferring to Boston College. While at UF, Patchan played both OL and DL but struggled with injuries. After transferring to BC, Patchan took over as the starting LT and helped Andre Williams have his monster year. Patchan shows a lot of tenacity as a run blocker and will play through the whistle. At 6'6" 302, he is undersized for an OT but I question how much weight he can add as he was always in the 280/290 range at UF. Still, Patchan has exceptional athleticism for the position along with the determination and grit to run block effectively. He still needs a lot of technical refinement as a pass blocker and has durability red flags out the wazoo but he's a very physically talented player that plays hard on the field. He definitely has upside as a developmental OT.

    Round 6 Comp Pick - Brett Smith QB Wyoming
    Brett Smith is still my preference for a developmental QB in the mid to late rounds. He's considered a 6th or 7th round pick at this point which makes him good value. Smith ran a 4.5 40 at his Pro Day and is a very mobile QB. He also was productive at Wyoming. Smith shows off a quick release with solid pocket presence and movement. He is a bit of a gunslinger who will take some risks but he'll also make some big time plays. He's very mobile and dangerous as a runner. He has decent size at 6'2" 207. He reminds me a lot of Jake Plummer. He's an athletic kid with a solid arm that makes some questionable decisions but definitely has talent.

    Round 7 Pick #11 - Trey Millard FB Oklahoma
    Millard suffered a torn ACL or else he probably would have went much higher. He's an extremely athletic FB who can lead block, catch the ball out of the back-field or run with it himself. He's another offensive weapon for the Rams to use. Millard also allows Harkey to be used more as a blocking TE.

    Round 7 Pick #26 - Eric Thomas WR Troy
    In the 7th round, I am looking for guys that can play. Thomas is a 6'1" 216 pound WR with a nearly 11 inch pair of hands that he uses well. He also shows the ability to break tackles and make people miss after the catch. He was a major red-zone threat in college breaking T.Y. Hilton's career Sun Belt TD record. Thomas still needs development but he has the size, athleticism(4.53 40), and the hands to become a contributor in the NFL.

    Round 7 Comp Pick - Jeremy Deering FS Rutgers
    Deering is a super athletic kid that Rutgers struggled to find a home for. He started off his career as a wildcat QB then moved to HB then moved to WR and finally settled at FS. He showed off prowess as a special teamer and KR for Rutgers as well. Ultimately, I'm taking a flier on the uber athletic Deering in hopes that he can be developed from an athlete to a player. I don't expect much but maybe his athleticism will make him a special teams standout at minimum. He's a 6'1" 210 pound DB with 4.40 speed.

    Round 7 Comp Pick - Spencer Long OG Nebraska
    Long is a gritty, tenacious competitor that makes up for his lack of athleticism by being mean as a snake on the field. He's an enforcer on the OL. Long plays through the whistle much like Harvey Dahl. He shows potential to be a solid overall OG that run blocks well. He reminds me a lot of Dahl actually. Tore his ACL as a Senior or else he likely goes a couple rounds higher.

    Projected Starters
    QB: Sam Bradford
    HB: Zac Stacy
    FB: Trey Millard
    XWR: Steve Johnson
    ZWR: Tavon Austin
    SLWR: Stedman Bailey
    TE: Jared Cook
    LT: Jake Long
    LG: Jake Matthews
    C: Scott Wells
    RG: Rodger Saffold
    RT: Joe Barksdale

    LDE: Chris Long
    LDT: Kendall Langford
    RDT: Michael Brockers
    RDE: Robert Quinn
    WLB: Alec Ogletree
    MLB: James Laurinaitis
    SLB: Jo-Lonn Dunbar
    LCB: Trumaine Johnson
    RCB: Janoris Jenkins
    SLCB: LaMarcus Joyner
    FS: Jimmie Ward
    SS: T.J. McDonald

    K: Greg Zuerlein
    P: Johnny Hekker
    LS: Jake McQuaide

    I would be very happy with this outcome. Obviously, my expectation is that Aaron Donald would play a high amount of the snaps as a rotational DL IF he did not earn the starting job over Langford.
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