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Jjab's Mock Draft 2.0

Discussion in 'NFL DRAFT / COLLEGE FOOTBALL' started by jjab360, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. jjab360 Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2013
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    Free Agency:
    Kenny Britt, WR
    - There has been some backlash from fans since we decided to bring him in for a visit, but really a no-lose proposition here.

    Davin Joseph, OG
    - Rams need depth along the the O-line, this signing or another veteran OG makes sense even if it hasn't happened right away.

    Draft Trades:
    Rams trade - no.2 overall pick, 4th round pick
    Falcons trade - no.6 overall pick, 2nd round pick, future 1st round pick

    - A trade down is happening, the only question is with who. In this scenario the Falcons feel like they have to get their franchise pass rusher on defense. They've proven before they aren't afraid to give up a lot for elite players, and Clowney is a truly special prospect that we may not have even seen before. The Rams get to hold onto their streak of multiple firsts heading into 2015 and get an extra 2rd in a particularly deep draft. Can't ask for much more than that for only moving down 4 picks.

    1: Greg Robinson, OT/OG, Auburn
    - Freakishly strong and really athletic as well. Long arms, tree trunks for legs, and a wide base this kid has it all as far as physical makeup goes. A little raw with his footwork and hand placement, but already a dominant player on the toughest level of college football. We move him inside initially which hides his deficiencies in technique and emphasizes his raw power and ability to anchor. Has the potential to be a pro bowl player as a rookie, way more impressive in almost every aspect than hyped up OG Chance Warmack last year.

    1: Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina
    - Might seem like an odd pick at first glance, but I put a lot of thought into this one. I think Cook and Kendricks are really good TEs at what they do, but both of them are too stiff to be consistent threats at receiver, and Kendricks is going to be a Free Agent after next year. I suppose moreso than what we already have, this is a pick based on drafting an elite prospect that you can mold your offense around and continue to build on what we started last season. When you look at what we did best last year, it was running the ball and play action out of 2/3 TE formations. Ebron has crazy movement skills and fluidity for a guy his size, and ball skills to match, I wouldn't be surprised if he went in the top 10. I'll probably go more in-depth about this pick and why I think it's an option that the Rams are seriously considering later on.

    2: Lamarcus Joyner, S/CB, Florida State
    - A playmaker in every sense of the word, Joyner is going to get passed over way more times than he should because of his size and 40 time. Elite blitzer, elite acceleration, elite range, this guy covers space in a hurry and makes an impact all over the field.

    2: Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU
    - Maybe earlier than most would expect us to take a QB, but we need Bradford insurance and the Rams FO see a guy with top 10 talent who really shouldn't be falling this far. Elite arm strength, can put it pretty much anywhere on the field from what I've seen. I haven't really looked at QBs that much this year, but Mettenberger stands out to me when watching the LSU WRs, don't really know why he isn't being talked about more often, despite the injury.

    3: Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood
    - Really stood out at the Senior Bowl, talented corner from a small school. Has all the physical tools, and seems like a really good man-coverage CB that we're going to need in Williams' defense.

    5: James White, RB, Wisconsin
    - Zac Stacy insurance, and good competition for Cunningham as the no.2 RB. We've finally got an O-line that can open up some holes, so what we really need right now are RBs with the patience and vision to take advantage of that and then make some guys miss in the open field.

    6: Kevin Pierre-Louis, OLB, Boston College
    - Solid run defender and excellent blitzer. Undersized weakside linebacker, kind of a poor man's Lavonte David. I assume we'll be doing a lot more blitzing under Williams, so I thought it would be important to grab a linebacker that excels in this area. Should be a solid STer from the beginning.

    7: Charles Sawyer, CB, Mississippi
    - Smaller CB, a bit of a project but has solid athleticism and is aggressive in pass coverage. Should be a solid nickelback, but will start his career, like Pierre-Louis, on special teams.

    7: Larry Webster, DE, Bloomsburg
    - Flashed talent at the Shrine game. Undersized for a DE, but a lot further along in build than Sims was as a rookie. Still kind of upset we let Rivers get away, but Webster is a similar kind of talent, imo. Good depth and could play on special teams, but might be fighting an uphill battle to actually make the 53.

    Depth Chart:
    QB: Bradford / Mettenberger
    RB: Stacy / White / Cunningham
    FB: Harkey
    WR: Bailey / Givens
    WR: Britt / Quick
    Slot: Austin / Pettis
    TE: Cook / Ebron / Kendricks
    LT: Long / Saffold
    LG: Robinson / Joseph / Washington
    C: Wells / Jones / Barnes
    RG: Saffold / Joseph
    RT: Barksdale / Robinson

    DE: Long / Hayes
    UT: Langford / Hayes
    NT: Brockers / Conrath
    DE: Quinn / Sims / Webster
    SLB: Ogletree / Armstrong
    MLB: Laurinaitis / JLD
    WLB: JLD / Pierre-Louis
    CB: Johnson / Desir
    CB: Jenkins / McGee
    NB: Desir / Mcleod / Sawyer
    FS: Joyner / Mcleod
    SS: McDonald / Stewart
  2. jrry32 Well-Known Member

    Jan 14, 2013
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    The Ebron pick is a head-scratcher for me.
  3. Rams and Gators Well-Known Member

    Aug 15, 2013
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    Love the Ebron pick, but only because I hate Cook so much, it will never happen but I'd do it.

    I'd also go WR where you've gone QB, far too early for a player you pray never sees the field.
  4. den-the-coach Fifty-four Forty or Fight

    Jan 16, 2013
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    IMO I can see the Rams going QB earlier than expected I hope it's not Zach Mettenberger. Now I understand he's big and has the strongest arm, however, he's a statue in the pocket and does not have quick feet either. And although Ebron is one hell of a player I dont' see the Rams going TE that early. Safety would be the pick IMO.
  5. jjab360 Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2013
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    As far as Ebron goes, I expected that kind of response, and honestly I might be overthinking myself here. It's just that if you look at the direction the offense was headed in last year, it came to a point where TEs were just as important or even more important to the passing game as our WRs. Not to mention that extra edge that multiple TE sets give us in the running game. Cook and Kendricks aren't bad TEs, but despite their straight line speed both of them are relatively easily for defenses to eliminate because they are stiff, predictable route runners and can't really create separation from any defenders that they can't just flat outrun. Ebron is of a different breed, imo, a WR's mind in a TE's body, very creative route runner, would add another element to our offense that we don't have right now. I just see it as you have the most talented guy on your board sitting there, if you think he's a game changer, then you find a way to get him on the field and let the chips fall where they may. Throwing as many TEs on the field as you can seems to work out for the Niners and Patriots, I don't see why it can't work for us.

    Moreover, a lot of the other guys that you could predict to go no.13 are either not likely to fall that far, bad scheme fits, or not nearly as good value as Ebron. Evans won't fall, I doubt they take Donald, the safeties are serious reaches, and who knows how much PT an OLB like Shazier or Mosley would get.
  6. VARAMS New Member

    Feb 20, 2014
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    I do think the proposed trade down would work for Falcons and Rams. I like to think of the 1.2 pick as best available and the 1.13 pick as positional need. If we are going to pick best available like Ebron (who we don't need positionally) why wouldn't we go for a stud like Clowney or Watkins at 1.2. I do like Ebron but we have bigger needs at 1.13.
  7. jrry32 Well-Known Member

    Jan 14, 2013
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    If Evans isn't there, it makes more sense. I was going to say that we would be better off adding him. Still, I have a hard time seeing it. Think Ebron would play the same role as Cook. And while Cook has his limitations, if he's used correctly, he's quite dangerous. Especially if we can get him 1 on 1s.

    Ebron is talented but I think at that point I'd rather trade back if we feel we want to add a weapon. And then add a guy like Odell Beckham Jr. later in the first or Jordan Matthews in the 2nd.
  8. Memphis Ram Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2010
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    Like the first pick.

    Burn the rest.
  9. SierraRam Recreational User

    Mar 17, 2014
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    Want Watkins but would be very happy with Robinson too! Ebron is growing on me, but if Pryor, Dennard or Donald is there...?