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Jim Thomas Rams Chat Highlights

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by RamBill, Jun 8, 2014.

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    JT’s Chat Highlights

    —Why No WR in the Draft? Well, we’ve gone over this ground many times. And the party line at Rams Park is that the team invested a lot in the group over the previous two drafts _ four picks _ one in each of the first four rounds. They traded up in the first round for Austin, who was widely regarded as the best play maker in the 2013 draft. They spent a potential $35 million on TE Jared Cook. So they want to be patient with the current group and watch them develop. That’s the thinking anyway. We’ll see if it’s right.

    —Don’t think Scott Wells is in any trouble. Remember the Rams lost two guards to free agency in Chris Williams and Shelley Smith.

    —Quick? Physically he’s gifted, there’s no doubt. But does he use his size to his advantage? Does he fight for the football like it’s a prime steak and he hasn’t eaten in a week? He has improved; but enough to justify being the first player taken in the second round? Doesn’t look like it at this point. I think Year 3 is definitely huge for him.

    —Player they Can Least Afford to Lose (other than Bradford)? That’s a good question. Not that Janoris Jenkins was a world-beater last year, but the Rams are thin at corner, and have next to no experience behind the starters.

    —I really like the late-round pick of E.J. Gaines. There are several UDFAs who I’m anxious to see, including some that have been mentioned earlier today _ Westbrooks, Wilson. Curious to see the WR Franklin and the TE Bayer as well.

    —I think there will be some interesting decisions at safety behind McDonald, McLeod, and Alexander. Cody Davis? Matt Daniels? Also the interior on the offensive line. The Rams can’t keep all of them, between backups Davin Joseph, Brandon Washington, Barrett Jones, Tim Barnes.

    —The thing that scared me the most about watching Jason Smith is how he would miss terribly on some pass blocks _ both in practice and in games. They were the kind of misses that get quarterbacks killed. Now as to when exactly I noticed this, I can’t tell you for sure.

    —Even in this day and age, most teams primarily have one safety who plays more in the box on run support. And one safety who plays more in coverage. I didn’t realize Fisher had this philosophy, because last year, McDonald played more in the box, and McLeod more in coverage (when he wasn’t playing the slot).

    —Chances for Sam To Make It? Fisher likes collecting ends. And he has kept five in the past. Trouble is, Chris Long, Robert Quinn, William Hayes, and Eugene Sims are all but locks. And you’ve got to keep an eye on Ethan Westbrooks, who could play end at this level. Long story short, it’s not a slam dunk for Sam by any means.

    —Rams have kept nine DB’s in the past. We’ll see what happens.

    —Usually ACLs, barring any complications can heal in eight or nine months. Long obviously won’t be ready for OTAs, and probably will miss much of camp.

    —Hard Knocks is entertaining, there’s no doubt. But Fisher seemed pretty convinced a couple of weeks ago that the team would not be on Hard Knocks. They’ve already got one potential distraction in Michael Sam. They don’t need two.

    —How Will they Handle Bailey? I’m trying to think back to how the Rams handled Pettis. I believe Pettis got just as many reps, but not all were with the first unit. And when the preseason hit, I don’t think any of the reps were with the 1s.

    —Why Pass on Watkins? Two of what I would say are the top 3 or 4 teams in the league _ Seattle and San Francisco _ got by without strong passing games. That’s the model Fisher is trying to emulate. That being said, you still need guys that can get open with some degree of consistency in the passing game, and the Rams are banking on their current crop of pass-catchers. It’s a gamble, to be sure. I’m not saying Robinson is the next Orlando Pace. Pace, for one, was a pretty good pass blocker when he entered the league. Robinson is not. But I don’t think Robinson is the next Jason Smith either.

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