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How to embed audio and video in your posts

Discussion in 'SITE HELP | TESTING MODE' started by -X-, Mar 18, 2013.

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    If you want to post YouTube vids, here's the way to go about it. First, look for the menu under the videos and click on the "share" button.


    After that, you'll see the link highlighted like so:


    Copy that, paste it here, it is as simple as that.

    If you want to post NFL.com videos, here's the inside track on that.
    Find a video on their site and look for the "share" button in the upper RH corner of the video and click on that.


    Then, click on the "link" tab and you'll see a link address like so:


    Copy this and paste it here.

    (ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS post the link underneath the video)

    Wanna post audio? I can show you one way to do that, and we'll use 101ESPN's site for that.


    Really simple. Do what it says. Right-click where it says to, but instead of saving the target, copy the link address.

    For Chrome: (copy link address)

    For Firefox: (copy link location)

    For IE: Stop using that crappy browser.

    PASTE the link into the message area and surround it with the

    (ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS post the link underneath the audio)

    There are actually a lot more video tags available, and I have some of them hidden. If you'd like to know how to use them, and what they're for, PM me and I'll tell you. Otherwise, you can let me or NewsBot take care of all the audio/visual postings. Basically, any link that ends in .mp3 can be embedded with the
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