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How Angry Ram ranks the QBs.

Discussion in 'OFF TOPIC' started by Angry Ram, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Angry Ram aka Captain RAmerica aka the OG Rammer

    Jul 1, 2010
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    1. P. Manning- consistently performs and is probably the smartest QB of all time.

    2. Brees- he single handedly took that team from nothing to SB champs. I think he gets too much exposure at the expense of other QBs, but that's what happens when you turn a team around.

    3. Rodgers- He actually has been good 4 quite some time, even durin their 6-10 year. He's had more playoff victories than Tom Brady since 2007.

    4. Roethlisberger- Off field crap aside. He doesn't get enough credit. He wins games. Playoff games. 2 SBs. One which he won. The other he helped a ton to get to. Has had more playoff wins than Tom Brady since 2004. (10 to 8, including SBs, even durin 2 playoff misses to Brady's 1). Why he isn't considered elite, IDK.

    5. Rivers- So underrated. His STs have always let him down, mainly his kicker. Makes receivers. A stud leader.

    6. Brady- I think he's overhyped, but never said he wasn't good. His low TD to INT ratio speaks for itself. Makes WRs.

    7. Ryan- Winning record since a rookie. That's pretty damn good. He overtakes Brady and Rivers if he wins a playoff game or 2.

    8. Schaub- the most underrated QB in the NFL. Just b/c the Texans have a crappy D as of late doesn't mean Schaub is bad. He also overtakes Brady if he wins a playoff game.

    9. Romo- He's got to man up and be a leader instead of partyin @ Cabo before playoff games. And winning more than 1.

    10. Flacco- Overhyped, but still wins. He's got 2 beat the Steelers w/ Roethlisberger. He's 0-fer. Plus he's got 2 win some when the D or the run game doesn't bail him out.

    11. Sanchez- See Flacco. He's only this high b/c he's won some playoff games.

    12. Freeman- He's da man on the Bucs and they win games b/c of him, not in spite of him. No doubt that he's gonna overtake Flacco and Sanchez.

    13. Bradford- Needs to get a winnin record. And he will this year. 16-0 baby!

    14. Vick- He's not bad, I jsut want to see him be consistent. Accuracy, decision makin all needs to improve. No chance in hell he's elite right now.

    15. Eli Manning- He'd be higher if he hadn't started to throw tons on INTs. One great playoff run and SB win, like Vick needs to be more consistent.

    16. Stafford- If preseason is any indication...he's gonna be a legit stud. And don't forget that game against the Browns 2 years ago. Just stay healthy, Matthew.

    17. Cutler- OK he's a douche, but he has gotten to the NFC title game when no one expected him to. Just cut down on the TOs. ALthough that's gonna be hard w/' Martz as OC.

    18. Hasslebeck- Even tho his career might be goin down, he can still win you some games. Like last year. In the playoffs.

    19. Fitzpatrick- Oh yeah, he's top 20. The dude puts up decent #s and he and Stevie Johnson make a dangerous combo. And he coulda been a Rams. Course that would've meant no Bradford. Nevermind.

    20. McNabb- Clearly his career is goin down. Reid knew what he was doin. He might win some games this year since he won't be treated like crap from the HC and OC.

    21. Kolb- The savior in Arizona needs to live up to the hype. Hasn't done crap yet but has potential.

    22. Orton- Orton plays good enough to keep around but not bad enough to need someone else.

    23. Garrard- He's very mobile and is a good QB to have but there's so many better.

    24. McCoy- Enough w/ the noodle arm bs. He's smart and will only improve.

    25. Cassel- Never lived up to his contract. System QB?

    26. Campbell- OK QB. Might win ya a game or 2.

    27. Henne- Oh man...

    28. Alex Smith- :lmao:

    29. TJack- :yawn:

    30. John Beck- :lull:
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