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Gordon's Tipsheet: NFL's focus on LA intensifies + Peter King on Rams D

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by RamBill, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. LosAngelesRams Janoris Ogletree

    Mar 11, 2013
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    God no!!!
  2. bluecoconuts Attempting to unlock mysteries of the universe

    May 28, 2011
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    Oh I know there is, I also live in LA. The city has essentially said they don't want the Raiders, and I remember reading that they didn't want that type of trouble here. They have enough issues with Laker fans rioting, with a lot of the gang members Raiders fans, and their reputation. The city doesn't want them back, at least the city government. Which would explain why the NFL is hesitant to let the Raiders move to LA.
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  3. rdlkgliders Hugo Bezdek

    Jul 1, 2013
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    Yeah I knew you were an LA guy. I am right there with you and LAChamp for all the same reasons. The Raiders have not been gone long enough. The only existing NFL team I would support in LA is the Rams. If not Rams, expansion but I would still be a Rams fan obviously. When the Raiders were here they brought more than a football team they brought an element that I didn't condone nor do I need to ever see again.
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  4. So Ram Member

    Jun 18, 2014
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    The real truth is The Rams go year to year & Edwards Done is going to goBankrupt because of the sweet deal Stan got from all the pS.
    Stan just has to dig in his parking lot right next to The Great Western Forum.
    The Rams get screwed because they are in St.Louis with travel & playing 3 road games in a row.They should be on The West Coast to play in The NFC West.
    Why does Dallas have training camp in Oxnard ,Ca ? My thinking is The Rams can have there training camp in St.Louis like they are now.Just saying it makes the most sense.I think The St. Louis Ram fans at least deserve that when they moved.
    --I just ate at Farmers Market in LA.How the heck is that going to be realistic for a Stadium.Stan holds a full deck of cards.No one can beat his hand. --Location Location Location..