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Garrett Gilbert Looking Forward to NFL Future in St. Louis

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by RamBill, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. RamBill Well-Known Member

    Jul 31, 2010
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    Garrett Gilbert Looking Forward to NFL Future in St. Louis
    By Jonathan Webb


    Garrett Gilbert had seen just about all the NFL draft coverage he cared to watch as the third day of the draft neared its conclusion.

    Viewed as something of an unknown, the 22-year-old quarterback from Southern Methodist University attracted little fanfare during the pre-draft period, and had considerable doubts as to whether he’d be chosen. His collegiate career, which ended on a high note, certainly had its share of tumultuous periods. Despite a productive two years at SMU, Gilbert did not receive an invitation to the NFL Combine. At least on some level, the questions crept in Gilbert’s mind.

    “I felt like I put in a lot of work in during my last two years at SMU to put me in that position,” Gilbert said. “Not getting invited to the Combine, I think maybe it got me thinking what’s going to happen. You’re trying not to watch ESPN, but you watch ESPN, and I’m not hearing my name. Those things may have affected me a little bit, but I think I had a really good support group around me that helped me to really focus on what I can control. I think it was something that could have affected me a lot, but as the process went on, I was able to take a personal approach to it, control what I can control and let the chips fall.”

    With a precious few picks remaining, and no aspect of the draft remaining in his control, Gilbert turned to another subject entirely to pass the time—golf. While watching a PGA tour event, and not the NFL draft, Gilbert received the call from the Rams informing him of the team’s use of a compensatory sixth-round pick on him.

    “I was kind of tired of sitting in front of the (draft), so I went in the other room and watched the Players Championship,” Gilbert said. “Obviously, I came back in when I got the call from Mr. Snead and Coach Fisher, but I was in there for a little while until I heard my name.”

    Gilbert’s path to life as an NFL prospect was a circuitous one. Prior to his successful two-year run as the starter at SMU, the strong-armed Gilbert was at one time deemed the successor to Colt McCoy under center at the University of Texas. That transition wasn’t a smooth one, as Gilbert struggled during two-plus seasons with the Longhorns, before transferring to SMU, where his collegiate career took off under the tutelage of coach and offensive innovator June Jones. The move to SMU was not only beneficial on a football level for Gilbert, but also on a personal one.

    “Obviously, leaving Texas was a tough situation for me, but I felt like it made me into a better player and a better person,” Gilbert said. “Getting the opportunity to play for June Jones and his offense that lets quarterbacks throw the ball around quite a bit was something that was very exciting for me and it obviously turned out to be a great experience for me at SMU.”

    With the struggles of his days in Austin behind him, Gilbert became a productive player as a junior at SMU, and saw his NFL draft opportunity become a possibility as a senior last fall. He threw for 3,528 yards and 21 touchdowns to just seven interceptions in 10 games with the Mustangs.

    Now a Ram, Gilbert finds himself working under a pair of veteran signal-callers in Sam Bradford and Shaun Hill in St. Louis. Gilbert, who was a freshman at Texas when Bradford played his final collegiate season at rival Oklahoma in 2009, has embraced the opportunity to work on a daily basis with a unique talent he previously followed from afar.

    “I did a little research on the depth chart as soon as I got taken, and I knew this would be a great opportunity,” Gilbert said. “Sam (Bradford) is a guy that I watched for six years (in the NFL and college), even when he was at Oklahoma. Shaun Hill is a guy who, anyone who does this for 12 years is doing something right. He’s someone that I’ve tried to ask a lot of questions to. I’ve got Sam on my left in the locker room and Shaun on my right. It’s great to learn from those two guys. To get out on the field and see those guys work, I feel like I’ve learned a lot already.”

    Gilbert figures to gain further reps this week, as the Rams begin their organized team activities, which will run through June 20. Though he understands his current place on the team’s depth chart and has embraced his front-row seat in learning the ropes from a pair of veterans at his position, Gilbert stopped short of projecting a lengthy stay as a third-string quarterback in the NFL.

    “My goal is…yeah, there are two veterans here, but that hasn’t changed my attitude,” Gilbert said. “I still want to learn as much as I can and progress as fast as I can, understanding that there is a learning process here that I have to go through. My job is to compete, work my tail off and I’ve got the advantage of working with those two guys.”
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  2. den-the-coach Fifty-four Forty or Fight

    Jan 16, 2013
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    Perfect number three NFL arm, height is good and he's an athlete that ran for close to 400 yards on a passing first team...The depth at QB is so much better with the addition of Hill & Gilbert now the Rams just need a break out year from Sam the Ram (Bradford) and all will be quiet on the western front!
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  3. Merlin Ungulatory Prestidigitator

    May 8, 2014
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    Preseason should be interesting with him. While a lot of folks don't like the Rams' receivers, I think the depth is pretty good, and he'll be throwing to some reasonable talent against the other teams' third stringers. He should also benefit from much better depth on the OL for that matter.

    He has a chance to look good if he comes prepared.
  4. nighttrain Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2013
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    liked this pick when it was announced, seen nothing since to change my mind
  5. DaveFan'51 ROD/Ram Historian (un-Official)

    Apr 18, 2014
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    I really like the Kid as our #3, But if we carry 3 QB's were do we cut back at?
  6. dieterbrock Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2013
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    Drafted in the perfect spot. He'll be cut after Pre-season and stashed on the PS for this season
  7. Tron Fights for the User

    Jun 1, 2013
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    My thinking as well.
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