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Funny Sirius satellite radio story!

Discussion in 'OFF TOPIC' started by RFIP, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. RFIP Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2013
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    So about two weeks ago now my Sirius sat radio starts fading out in my car. Mind you I've had this service for 6-7 years now without fail.

    So I try all the re-start stuff and request a "refresh" signal be sent...nothing....

    So I call them and of course I get a woman who speaks almost zero English! After letting my frustration out on her she transfers me...and you guessed it, yet another non-English speaking "helper" comes on line!

    After I blow my stack on her they decide my radio is obviously broken so they will send me a new one for free since I'm such a nice guy and all!

    Oh no, it's not over, in fact it is just starting to get good now!

    New radio arrives, plug it in...zero reception..squat! Zilch! Nada!

    Back on the phone I go! Yep. Same language barrier issues!

    Finally after I have semi-learned 3 foreign languages faster than I ever could have with Rosetta Stone, I hear the phone operator say they are going to give me an additional 3 months free service on top of the 6 months I was currently on, carrying me to Dec 27th of this year on their "All Access" plan (which is awesome btw, allows access on my iPhone and online!).

    But I tell her "what good is that if my car radio doesn't work?"

    Getting no where, I hang up and decide to try the refresh thing again when I have more time.

    Meanwhile my car is due for an inspection and I notice it's been having a real hard time starting "lately."

    So my mechanic calls me yesterday and says my battery is all but dead, it's the factory original (car has 130k), so he replaces it.

    My oldest boy picked it up for me and I asked him how it was running and he said "much better."

    So I run to the garage when I got home...started it up (very quick start!) and........ turned on the satellite radio....



    Lo and behold, the radio stopped working because the battery was dying and did not have enough power to pull from!

    So in the end, through not fault of their own, I got Sirius to pony up for a free new radio along with 3 additional frees months of service!

    Who knew life could be so rewarding?

    I figure I had this coming to me since their customer UNservice put me through heck and back with their employees!

    P.S. LONG before this happened I was alerted by a fellow Sirius customer to call and threaten them to shut off my service and they'd sweeten the pot and man did they ever. I've been on the "less than half pay" membership for 1.5 years now before this most recent 9 months FREE. AND I made them give me the "All Access" which is worth it's wait in gold if you have a computer and/or smart phone!
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