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Finnegan says he was talking about Tim Walton, not the Rams/PFT

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by RamBill, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. flv

    flv Well-Known Member

    If criticizing a former coach who was sacked by the Rams organisation is an attack on the Rams then most of us are also guilty, (Spagnuolo, Haslett, Linehan).
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  2. RhodyRams

    RhodyRams Well-Known Member

    It almost seems to me that Florio started baiting him to a point..maybe trying to get Finn to threaten bodily harm or something
  3. Philly5

    Philly5 New Member

    Camp can't get here soon enough.

    Florio, Finny, and Walton make the NBA draft seem interesting.
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  4. Prime Time

    Prime Time RODerator


    It depends on one's perspective. I just like that gif and don't get to use it often enough. :cool:

    It would have been easier to agree with him had he spoken out during last season instead of waiting until he got a new gig. Heck, many of us here would have applauded him for that. Then again he would have probably been fined and/or suspended. But at least it would have shown some guts.
  5. tonyl711

    tonyl711 Well-Known Member

    he shouldn't have went as far with his comments about Walton as he did, but nothing he said was wrong. Walton was in way over his head and the players know that, maybe Walton and Finnagan butted heads a lot over all that off coverage BS Walton seemed to love so much.
    as far as him downgrading the Rams, how is that? do we downgrade the Rams when we say Linehan or Spags sucked?
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  6. jjab360

    jjab360 Well-Known Member

    freak Mike Florio, I'm on Finnegan's side on this one. Florio took what Finnegan said completely out of context just like he always does without expecting repercussion. Then when somebody calls him on his BS he acts like a little bitch and writes another BS article whining about it. I can't believe the number of people that took Florio's side in this thread, tbh.

    Finnegan might have sucked last year, but he wasn't wrong about Walton sucking as well.
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  7. Rabid Ram

    Rabid Ram Well-Known Member

    It's probably just me but all this the first story and now this is seems to me like a bored reporter fabricating interactions to get clicks. None of it seems real to me at all
  8. jjab360

    jjab360 Well-Known Member

    If anything, Finnegan speaking his mind like he did gave us a little insight into what the players really thought about Walton (what Fisher thought about him as well, apparently) and why such a talented defense couldn't ever seem to put it together. Obviously it's going to be a huge difference with a tenured, respected DC like Williams, I'm excited to see how much of a difference it makes.

    How in the world Florio took that as a shot at the Rams today, I'll never know, but at least Finnegan set the record straight even though Florio tried to play it off as some out of control thug. The real one out of control here is the douchebag who thinks he can write whatever BS he wants to as long as he gets the reader's attention.
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  9. Barrison

    Barrison Well-Known Member

    I'm totally with Finnegan on this one, Walton was god awful. We have the talent for the makings of a top 5 - top 10 defense with a good defensive coordinator and some of our statistical rankings were just terrible. So if we can assume that Jenkins and Tru had bad years cuz of the Walton scheme can't Finnegan be able to use the same claim? I'm sorry but Finnegan was a good CB under Blake Williams scheme and probably woulda had the old Cort back under G Williams scheme, maybe not 50m dollars good but still was a solid nickel in an aggressive defensive scheme.
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  10. Bluesy

    Bluesy Reppin' the Rams since 2000

    I couldn't care less about what people say about Finnegan, I know personally that he is a classy dude off the field. Ate dinner with him and his trainer several years back in Nashville and the dude bought all of us our dinner, a good 10 or 12 people. Was very delightful to talk with and enjoy a nice meal with. Always gonna be a fan of his regardless of how good or bad he plays.

    Yeah, I know, I'm a name dropper.
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  11. RustyRay

    RustyRay Well-Known Member

    Well the Rams fired Walton as Finnegan says....that apparently means he was "atrocious" in Courtland's world.

    Curious if Courtland feels the same way about himself since the Rams/Coach Fisher also released/fired him?
  12. LosAngelesRams

    LosAngelesRams Janoris Ogletree

  13. El Juggernauto

    El Juggernauto Your Best Friend

    Finnegan was great at first. His first season here, the first what, 4 games he had a pick. Then he leveled off, didn't play bad, but nothing spectacular. Then last year, that was a freaking joke. That was on him. Scheme doesn't make you get burned that bad, that often and let yourself get replaced by a 2nd year guy(Tru). I liked his fire, but I'm glad he and his inflated contract are gone.
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  14. Ramatik

    Ramatik Well-Known Member

    I like this response.

    Finnegan has probably said worse things than this about the organization. He seems like a snotty temper tantrum half the time.

    I really don't care what Florio writes about any ex Ram.

    Well.. not the retired guys. But guys who go elsewhere.

    Now, because they are not good enough to be a Ram.
  15. -X-

    -X- I'm the dude, man.

    The Dude
    Florio is such a bitch. I mean, really.

    Finnegan didn’t accept that explanation, questioning my “morals” and “backbone” before adding that if/when we meet, the conversation will be more interesting.

    I approve this message too.
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  16. LACHAMP46

    LACHAMP46 Well-Known Member

    Not really on Florio's side...is it really one? But he's just the messenger, well, Cort is basically sending a message as well, but it's way late...Plus he's on a whole new team...We all thought Walton sucked...I thought Finn sucked after game 4 or 5 in 2012...He was awful in 2013, and I know Walton didn't make HIM play THAT terrible. I saw guys beating him play after play. He's a vet, I could be wrong, but couldn't he have approached Fisher/Walton/Cecil and made some suggestions to IMPROVE the defense & his play? Just a poor way to close that chapter and move on...Miami doesn't want this type of press...The way they moved Reggie & Dansby, I'd be scared to say anything until I started to play, and play well.
  17. Username

    Username Has a Well-Known Member

    This 100%. Florio does this crap all the time. What's even more ludicrous is that he said the comments "ruffled the Rams feathers." With absolutely no evidence at all that anyone even remotely close to Rams park gave a crap about them. Quoting "a source with knowledge of the team’s thinking." He's trying to create drama where there is none. I'm not absolving Finnegan either, but he's in the right here. I'm glad he called that pussy and bitched him out personally. PFT, and anything associated with Florio shouldn't even be allowed professional interviews anymore until he shows he can be an actual professional himself.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2014
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  18. Debacled

    Debacled New Member

    Finnegan was asked a question about Walton and gave his answer. People like Florio are why stuff gets taken out of context all the time and skewed left and right. Sensationalism as its best.

    You guys are acting like Finnegan went out of his way to say oh yeah last year I was terrible because the scheme sucked. He was asked what he thought about Walton and his scheme. Its one thing to step up and just throw out statements (Florio is good as this as we can see) and another to answer questions.

    If anything kudos to Finnegan for calling the guy up to say he had no issues with essentially the Rams (players and coaches still here) and was only referring to the guy who was fired.
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  19. RamzFanz

    RamzFanz Well-Known Member

    Dude... you need peddles going backwards! (y)
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  20. Dodgersrf

    Dodgersrf Well-Known Member

    I'm with CF on this.
    Who doesn't get upset when their statements are construed or taken out of context. At least CF called Florio to set it straight. Then Florio seizes the opportunity to write another article on CF reactions?
    I like CF. I like the attitude he brought to our defense. The two are the same.