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February's True Holiday: A Pre-combine Mock Draft.

Discussion in 'MOCK DRAFTS' started by Memento, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Memento

    Memento Ser Memento (alias, The Winged Knight).

    Jul 30, 2010
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    You want a mock draft? I'll give you a mock draft - a mock draft that won't feature any of the players that I had in the last one. Interested? Then let us delve into the insanity which is a Memento mock draft:

    #2 overall pick: TRADED to the Cleveland Browns for picks #4, #26, and #71. This shouldn't be a surprise at this point. It's almost a guarantee that we'll deal this pick away. The only questions are to whom and for what. In this case, Cleveland moves up to get the quarterback they want and need and we get to select...

    #4 overall pick: Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson.

    A talented wide receiver who has just about everything you could hope for (with the exception of immense height, but hey, Isaac and Torry weren't huge either), Watkins is a dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands, and he proved that when he stayed out of trouble, he was better than his former teammate, DeAndre Hopkins. Watkins gives us a true number one outside receiver.

    #13 overall pick: Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida State.

    An amazingly-disruptive presence in the middle who can put tons of pressure on the quarterback. Jernigan was a force to be reckoned with during the Bowl game. He was arguably one of the main reasons why FSU's defense was so stout. Not the athletic freak that Hageman is, nor was he insanely productive like Donald, but he's still a great pick, and he won't last to the twenties.

    #26 overall pick: Cyrus Kouandjio, OT, Alabama.

    Left tackle of the future, although he'll start out at right tackle/guard depending on how well he performs against Joe Barksdale. Kouandjio had some bad tape last year, which brings his stock down...but people seem to forget that he's just twenty years old and was arguably one of the better left tackles that's come through Alabama. He has flaws, but this is a prospect who I believe has become underrated due to all of the scouts critiquing him.

    #44 overall pick: LaMarcus Joyner, CB, Florida State.

    Here we have our slot cornerback rolled up into a mean 5'8" package of jarring hits, great coverage, and enough athleticism to play multiple positions. Joyner automatically becomes our third cornerback. If he were a few inches bigger and ten pounds heavier, he would easily be a first round pick. But I think he'll be successful despite his size limitations. He's just that good.

    #71 overall pick: Billy Turner, OG, North Dakota State.

    Our left guard of the future. You can't really say that Turner came out of nowhere; he was the starting left tackle for one of the best D-II college teams in the nation. But he came to the Senior Bowl and really stood out against other highly-touted prospects. The only reason he becomes a guard is because his arm length is too short to really be an effective tackle, but I like just about everything else about him, and I'm surprised that more people aren't mentioning his name.

    #75 overall pick: Lache Seastrunk, RB, Baylor.

    Here we get the lightning to Zac Stacy's thunder. You may think that this is a luxury pick, but Stacy has had injury concerns, and his stamina isn't the best either. Cunningham also has injury concerns, Richardson was hurt last year, and Pead has barely done anything worth noting in his professional career. Seastrunk gives us something that we currently don't have (and that we expected from Pead): an explosive threat out of the backfield.

    #106 overall pick: James Hurst, OT/OG, North Carolina.

    Here we get an offensive lineman to redshirt for a year as quality depth. Hurst was having himself a fine season before he broke his leg. He's not the most athletic, nor is he the biggest out there, but he does well with what he has to offer. Hurst is technically-sound, has proved his worth against top competition (i.e., Jadeveon Clowney), and he's been very reliable for the most part. Could qualify as a steal this late.

    #141 overall pick: Kenny Ladler, FS, Vanderbilt.

    This is where we get our starting free safety. Yes, you heard me right; Ladler has all the qualities needed to start in the NFL. He may not have the athletic ability of some of his counterparts, but he just does everything right. He's instinctive, flies to the ball, doesn't hesitate to make the hit, and is a turnover machine. Remember this: Kam Chancellor was once a fifth round pick, too.

    #172 overall pick: Walt Aikens, CB, Liberty.

    More cornerback depth, which is always needed in today's NFL. Aikens has some off the field baggage where he was kicked off of Illinois' team as a sophomore after being arrested for theft, but he transferred to Liberty, and to my knowledge (and you can correct me if I'm wrong), hasn't had any problems since then. He has experience at both safety positions, but he proved at the Senior Bowl that he can stick at the cornerback position - and at 6'1", 205 lbs., he's a pretty tall cornerback.

    #203 overall pick: Khairi Fortt, OLB, California.

    Here is a shot in the dark and more depth for the outside linebacker position. Fortt has amazing athletic prowess, but he hasn't really proven much on a football field. He transferred from Penn State after the scandal, and found himself mired in a poor season. He did not post great stats at either school...but his pure athleticism and special teams ability makes him a good selection in the seventh round.

    #218 overall pick: Jeff Mathews, QB, Cornell.

    Our backup quarterback who has potential down the road. Mathews possesses a cannon for an arm and was the best quarterback to come through the Cornell program. His lack of mobility and hesitation to throw the football at times are what drops him to the seventh round. He has the tools, he has the right mindset...he just needs to sit a while and learn the NFL game.

    Thoughts, questions, comments, and the like are all welcome and appreciated.
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