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Bracket Spot #4 - The Relay Race or The Tunnel Catch?

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by -X-, Mar 29, 2012.


Which was the coolest, most memorable moment of the two?

  1. 1. Torry Holt escorting Az Hakim down the sidelines. I remember that like it was yesterday.

    6 votes
  2. 2. Flipper Anderson taking the ball right out of the stadium. Nothing like it since.

    7 votes
  1. -X-

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    On a long Rams scoring play in the third quarter against the Broncos, Dennis Miller watched Torry Holt escort fellow receiver Az-Zahir Hakim down the sideline to the end zone, and pronounced: “They don’t need a football, they need a baton. Just put that Christmas tree lighting system up on the goal post, this is the NHRA Winter Nationals. … [Rams coach Mike] Martz has assembled a Murderers’ Row of haste. … Romulus and Remus going down that sideline. … Last time I saw speed like this was John Carlos and Tommie Smith in Mexico City.”

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    In the 1989 Divisional Playoffs against the Giants, and in overtime, QB Jim Everett lined in the backfield 30 yards shy of the end zone. The New York defense blitzed, thinking that LA would be running it since they were already in field goal range. Instead, Anderson eluded a Mark Collins bump near the line of scrimmage, and streaked down the right side of the field. Everett found him just feet from the goal line; Flipper caught the ball in stride and sprinted into the end zone, then through the tunnel that led to the locker room.

    ''Before the game, Aaron Cox and I said if either of us gets the winning touchdown in overtime, we would run straight to the locker room with it," Anderson said.


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