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Bracket #2 - Sweep or Sever?

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by -X-, Mar 26, 2012.


Sweeping the Seahawks, or Breaking the Streak of the 49ers?

  1. 1. Breaking the streak was a long-time coming. Best day ever

    8 votes
  2. 2. Beating the Seahawks THREE times in one season was epic

    2 votes
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    Jun 20, 2010
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    Which of the following games was more memorable to you? It's not often a team gets to beat up on another division rival 3 times in one season to make the playoffs, but it's also not very often that you get to sever a 17 game losing streak either.

    [textarea]After being defeated by the 49ers for four straight years since the Rams moved to St Louis (and eight years in total), the Rams blow out the 49ers in a 42-20 rout where Kurt Warner went 20-23 for 323 yards and 5 touchdowns. The game is seen as the coming out party for a team that will be eventually become known as "The Greatest Show on Turf."

    Isaac Bruce cries after the game, having never defeated the 49ers before.

    Unfortunately, Ken Norton was not made available for comment after the game.[/textarea]

    ****** VS ******

    [textarea]7. 1/8/2005, Rams 27, Seahawks 20. The Rams top off a three-game season sweep of the Seahawks with a win in the first round of the playoffs, becoming the first 8-8 team to win a playoff game. Great deep passing by Marc Bulger (18-32-313) helped stake the Rams to a 14-3 lead. They'd fall behind 20-17, but tied it and then took the lead on Bulger's 17-yard TD pass to Cam Cleeland on a 3rd-and-3. Seattle charged back downfield late in an effort to tie, but rare big plays from Jimmy Kennedy and Damione Lewis set them back, with a pressured Matt Hasselbeck missing connections with Bobby Engram in the end zone on 4th down to end the game.[/textarea]

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