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Bome's Post Combine Mock.....okay Now That The Combine Is

Discussion in 'MOCK DRAFTS' started by bomebadeeda, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. bomebadeeda

    bomebadeeda Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2013
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    Okay, now that the 2014 combine is over. Allow me to share my "thoughts" on what could happen in our draft.....

    First the usual suspects would be released (before....or after....the draft..) Finnegan (could be back at a lower rate...) Dahl, Wells, Cudjo

    And I think Safford will quickly be out of our price range.....
    Thus We bring in Malcolm Jenkins (who btw had his best years under Williams....) for a club friendly deal of 10 mil for 3 years (he's only 26...) Load it on the back end where we could bail relative painless after a year or 2.
    And then use what's left to sign our own potential free agents (2015 and beyond...)

    And then we go to draft....
    1. With our first pick Atl comes a calling offering us their pick @ #6, their 2nd rounder(5th) and their 4 rounder(3) and a 2015 2nd. They get Clowney. We get Robinson @ 6.
    2. With our second pick of the 1st round, the Jets come calling wanting to get in front of Pitt and Bal and offer us their pick @ 18 and the pick they get from TB in the 3rd from the Revis deal (5th of the 3rd). They jump on Mike Evans and we get Donald DT @ 18.
    3. With the 2nd rounder Atl sends us (2-5) We draft David Yankley OG from Stanford.
    4. With our own pick of the 2nd round (2-12) we grab CB/S Lamarcus Joyner.
    5. With the 3rd round pick (3-5) we get from the Jets via TB, We select Kyle fuller CB from Vir Tech
    6. With our own pick of the 3rd (3-11) we select Daniel McCullers DT from Tenn (A definite Fisher pick....)
    7. With Atl pick in the 4th (4-3) we select Charles Sims RB from WV
    8. With our own pick in the 4th (4-10) We select Brandon Thomas OG
    9. In the 5th round (5-13) we select Brett Smith QB Wyoming
    10. With our 6th round pick (6-12) we select Jemea Thomas FS from G-Tech
    11. With our 6 round Comp pick, We grab L'Damian Washington WR out of Mizzou
    12. With our won pick in the 7th (7-11) We select Trey Millard SAK (Swiss Army Knife) from Oklahoma
    13. And w/ our remaining comp picks we select Tyler Starr OLB, Gabe Ikard C, Dontae Johnson FS

    Now I understand some will say... Bome.....There's no way we can add this many new players to the team. And yes, you would be right. But it allows us to get deeper in a cheap way. Populate a practice squad of guys who are with us during the OTAs and allow us the manuverability in the future to replace some who can't continue to play at a high level.
    I've tried to target problem areas or areas that need depth (Secondary, Oline, D-Line) or an area where we have some unproductive holdovers. But also have a variety of athletes where to also populate our special teams.

    So...tell me what you think.....
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