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An interesting draft rumor...

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by JdashSTL, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. DR RAM

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    Aug 7, 2010
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    Farthest West and Very South
    I like your list too. I haven't seen enough of Worthy to rank him. Tell us what you like about Brockers.
  2. Yamahopper

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    Jul 31, 2010
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    I'm not a big Brockers fan myself. If I did have to take a DT at #6 he would be it, but rather go another way.
    What makes him the hot pick is a combo of his size and how at times he flashes game control and the fact he is only just turned 21. Teams see his upside and think he could be the dominate DT along with Suh for the next decade. By reports he is very coach-able and is not scheme dependent. Coaches see him as a player that they can mold into their system without having to deprogram him from being in his col. system for so long. It's also tempting with the rookie cap to take a developmental player like this. His cap # won't kill the team if he busts.
    Potential is what he is.

    A pick like this no different than taking a QB and giving a couple years to develop.