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A Lions Fan's Perspective

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by Iron Lion, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Iron Lion Well-Known Member

    Aug 14, 2012
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    Ello all. I watch every game of every week—usually 4-5 games on Sundays and the Monday nighter all in the full 3-hour broadcast, and then the rest I check out with DirecTV shortcuts. I follow everything the NFL fairly closely. All of this is to say that you all are the week 1 opponent of my Lions, so I'd like to offer an outsider's perspective.

    Now before the regime change is even addressed, it's worth wondering what, if anything, will carry over from last year in terms of the intangibles. My dad is a lifelong Rams fan and when we saw the ending of the Steelers game last year, we were both quite shocked. The Rams had the ball in FG range, there was time on the clock, and there were timeouts, and yet Spags was content to take the shutout... it just seemed like Spags had no fight in him, which is of course unacceptable for an NFL head coach. But then as you all know better than I do, the next week your Rams played the 49ers very tough. Too little, too late, he was gone, and we're left to wonder which team will show up this year—the team that played the Steelers or the team that played the 49ers in week 17.

    The answer to this, of course, falls directly on Fisher's shoulders. One thing I like is the cancelling of the London games in 2013 and 2014. I know I'm going to be told by everyone here that this was the city of St Louis applying pressure, and it was ownership responding, and all these things, but part of me just has to believe that Fisher had something to do with this and used his influence to scrap these competitive disadvantages of the future. Also it's unclear to me how much Fisher was involved in the RGIII trade-down (a total fleecing of the Redskins), but the way I understand the power balance, Fisher had a lot of control if for no other reason than that the GM is just as new as Fisher. So right there we have two good organizational moves and I think Fisher played a role in both of them. Hopefully he will now see to it to take down those St Louis Cardinals banners in the stadium...

    The head coach and the starting QB are the two most important people in any NFL franchise. Before I get to Bradford I just want to remark on the third QB, Austin Davis. I've seen a lot of developmental QBs struggle in the second halves of preseason games, but Davis looked very good to me. He's probably one of the best 3rd stringers in the league, right up there with Russel Wilson. Probably better as a pure passer, although that is admittedly an opinion based only on two quarters of play.

    With regards to Bradford, I think his problem is his accuracy. Before your head explodes, allow me to explain what I mean. Bradford seems to prefer to throw the ball away from the defender where only the receiver has a chance at catching it. This is why his INTs are always down. However, that strategy does not work in the red zone. The field shrinks and you have to fit the ball into tighter windows. He's not doing this, and it's why his TDs are down.

    Now there are two contributing factors that do need to be mentioned. Firstly, a QB's feet are vital to his accuracy, particularly for a guy like Bradford who is less of a 'gunslinger' and more of a mechanics-type guy. So the ankle injury (which I believe was the left ankle) prevented him from stepping into throws the way he wanted to. The second issue is of course the receiving corps, which, from what I can tell, nearly every Rams fan on the planet is upset with.

    It remains to be seen if the WR issue is worked out yet. Steve Smith seems to be one of those guys that has only one good year in him, but, like all players, a new environment can get a second spark out of him. And if I recall correctly, Quick was not in the Colts game. As for the guys returning from last year, I like what the Rams have in Amendola, Gibson, and Pettis, but they were not brought in by Fisher so who knows what he thinks of them. Fisher did claim that the team is deep at WR and that other teams will be feasting on whoever gets cut, and I agree with that. I think the team lacks a #1, or even a #2 (Amendola is probably the best on the team in my opinion but is a slot-type guy from what I see). I have no idea what is going on at TE. However, I think that overall the group of WRs itself averages out to being decent, but they have to be used correctly in a scheme that favors their talents. The strength of the Rams' WR corps is numbers—the dropoff from the best WR to the 4th or 5th best is not very steep (which is I think what Fisher was alluding to), and so this can be exploited by just putting 4 WRs on the field for much of the time. Maybe the #1 WR won't beat their #1 CB, or the #2 WR won't beat the #2 CB, but the #3 and #4 WRs should be better than the other team's depth at corner.

    That strategy will require good QB play, though, and it remains to be seen what will come of Bradford. Based on that "WTF Interview" there are concerns about the ankle. In the Colts game, his one deep pass was way off, and I don't know if he was throwing it away or if he couldn't get accuracy on the ball due to the ankle. And of course the rest of the passes were under 10 yards and you can't really evaluate accuracy on them.

    So for a quick rundown of the rest of the Rams team, I think their defense should get a pass from last year, since the secondary got obliterated with injuries and the Rams offense did not control the ball enough to keep the defense off the field. The DEs are solid, the DTs are probably lacking, the LB corps is decent, and the secondary should be upgraded with Jenkins and the fact that the secondary is healthy. Overall the defense could be average this year. The running game looks good... I don't know if Cadillac is still behind Jackson, but Jackson is Jackson and the O-line seems to be more of a run-block line than a pass-block line.

    Thanks if you've read this far. Please don't take any of this as me just trying to make fun of your team. I know these are your forums and trust me, I know how it feels to have bad team and then hear others come in and take shots at them. That is not my intent, I'm just trying to relay how I feel about the team.
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