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2011 team predictions

Discussion in 'OFF TOPIC' started by Angry Ram, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Angry Ram

    Captain RAmerica Original Rammer
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    Jul 1, 2010
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    Cowboys: 10-6. This team if flyin under the radar for a change, and I think that'll help them. Biggest ? is Romo and if he can finally step his game up...w/ a healthy Dez..this team gonna be scary and can make up flaws in the 2ndary on D.

    Eagles: 9-7. The "dream team." I'm sad that the media has made this team so hated by fans outside the NFCE by givin them so much hype. This was a team I'd rather cheer for than not. Only Asomugha was the biggest addition. Also, why is Vick suddenly a top 5 QB. I don't think they're gonna live up to the hype.

    Giants: 7-9. If Prince, Austin were healthy..Steve Smith still there, and Osi not ticked off and healthy...I'd have them as the darkhorse. But these injuries and losses are gonna hurt them.

    Redskins: 5-11. IDC if Fat Albert is there or not, that D will NOT be good...like all of Haz's Ds in the past. On O, they should be OK.


    Packers: 11-5. Clearly the best team in the NFL. But teams are gonna step their game up against them and this is gonna be a tough division. Still I think they overcome.

    Lions: 9-7. Surprise! Even w/o Stafford and Fairly, the Lions still played well even in losses last year. Stafford is more of a key than Fairly and I think they rise. But I wonder if this team will fall under "Texans hype." A losin team that suddenly adds playmakers but fails to meet expectation.

    Bears: 8-8. Another year added on that D. IDK what to make of this team...an inconsistent OL w/ a timebomb @ QB cooridnated by Martz...not good.

    Vikings: 6-10. McNabb is done, but he def. is an upgrade over TJack. Maybe the future is bright if Ponder, Rudolph pan out.


    Falcons: 10-6. Last year they got some lucky wins (i.e. Ravens) but weren't explosive. If Jones has a decent season, that could change. The D is decent but not horrible...they just have the most complete team in the division.

    Saints: 9-7. This team is gettin overhyped. Seattle exposed those huge flaws in the D...both run and pass D. If Brees weren't there, I doubt this would even be a .500 team.

    Bucs: 7-9. A lot of their wins were against cupcake teams last year, and their only sig. W was against the Saints in week 17 when they didn't give a crap. Think they take a step back (kinda like the 2009 Dolphins).

    Panthers: 5-11. If you listen to ESPN, Cam Newton is the greatest rookie ever. Even tho he has character problems. And only played 1 full season @ Auburn. And isn't exactly a polished QB. They'll win some games b/c of their run game and D.


    Rams: 16-0. I'm a homer. I don't care.

    Cards: 8-8. Kolb might by overhyped, but he could be a decent QB. I wonder about that D, tho.

    Seahawks: 5-11. WHitehurst, TJack....injured OL. Yikes.

    49ers: 3-13. The most talented team since 2005, ladies and gentlemen.


    Patriots: 12-4. Look I get they are a great team...I just don't like the overhype of a team that can't win a playoff game since 2007.

    Bills: 9-7. SUPRISE! A revamped D w/ Dareus and underrated Kyle Williams is damn scary and could be top 15 if Merriman get back to form w/o roids. Fast WRs w/ Stevie Johnson and Easley and Fitzpatrick bein smart w/ his throws...what if Spiller lives up to his hype.

    Jets: 9-7. Oh hell yeah they lose the tiebreaker to the Bills. Wishful thinkin but still it's possible.

    Dolphins: 6-10. Chad Henne + Tony Sporano = zzzz on O. I think their D will be decent but on O man...even w/ Bush and Marshall...Henne I just don't think is gonna pan out. Another overhyped Bill Parcells pick.


    Steelers: 10-6. Overall a good team, but lots of worries on the 2ndary, especially if Polamalu gets hurt. I think the OL is gonna surprise some ppl this year.

    Ravens: 8-8. They are continously overhyped year in and year out. They are gettin older and eventually they are gonna break down on D. Flacco might be ok, but until he can beat the Steelers when Roethlisberger is in, I just don't know.

    Browns: 7-9. I hope they can surpass the Ravens, but probably not this year. I wonder if the Browns should've stayed put and selected Julio Jones instead of tradin down tho to help McCoy out.

    Bengals: 4-12. At least AJ Green is gonna be fun to watch. Dunlap is also pretty good.


    Colts: 9-7. They'll be fine..but not as dominant as previous years.

    Texans: 8-8 (lose tiebreaker). Still a .500 team. Sadly the 3-4 switch is gonna take some time. They could be good toward the end of the season tho (the D). I really hope I'm wrong here tho.

    Jags: 7-9. I saw Gabbert play in a presesaon game a couple weeks ago and he looked pretty damn good. BUT his WRs kept droppin all his passes (sound familiar?). Pretty much the 2010 Rams of the AFC.

    Titans: 6-10. They'll still play tough, but eventually Locker is gonna play and he is very raw. And who knows how CHris Johnson if/when he ever comes back?


    Chargers: 11-5. Unless their STs screws things up again, there isn't any reason why they can't be a good team again this year.

    Chiefs: 8-8. Like the Bucs, they take a step back. Teams now know all about them and won't take them likely. Besides, their D isn't lookin too hot.

    Tebows I mean Broncos: 6-10. They need to either keep Tebow or cut him. He's too much of a bipolar factor. BUT their D could be good w/ Dumerville comin back, Von Miller, DJ Williams, and the never agin Champ Bailey and will be able to win some games.

    Raiders: 4-12. I'd have them @ 8-8 again like last year but they are droppin like flies on the injury front. But if you watch ESPN Terrell Pryor is the greatest thing since Cam Newton. :yawn:
  2. superfan24

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    Jun 25, 2010
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    Chicago, IL
    Think the eagles will still win the East, but won't be as good as advertised. Agree with the order of your nfc north predictions. The nfc west predictions are spot on too
  3. bluecoconuts

    Attempting to unlock mysteries of the universe
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    May 28, 2011
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    Los Angeles
    1. Packers
    2. Eagles
    3. Saints
    4. Rams
    5. Falcons
    6. Lions

    1. Patriots
    2. Chargers
    3. Colts
    4. Ravens
    5. Jets
    6. Steelers

    I'm never convinced with Cowboys, they're always picked as favorites and they always fall short.
  4. Angry Ram

    Captain RAmerica Original Rammer
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    Jul 1, 2010
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    The Cowboys aren't favs this year. It's the Eagles or bust.
  5. JdashSTL

    Pro Bowler
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    Jun 24, 2010
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    South Dakota

    North - Packers. One thing Im still skeptical about is the pass rush for them. Clay Matthews will continue to be a stud, but I think the loss of Cullen Jenkins will hurt them more than people realize and im not sure if they have a solid pass rusher opposite Matthews. With that said, they are still the best team in that division.

    South - Saints. They will be very balance on offense and the D should definitely be improved.

    East - Its a really tough call. I really feel like Vick will regress this year and throw a lot of INTs. People forget that hes essentially starting his NFL career over to be a COMPLETE nfl QB and its a process. The 3 best teams in this division are going thru a lot of changes with their olines and adding a lot of youth to them. I think im still goin with the Eagles because of their explosiveness on offense and the D should be good against the pass.

    West - Rams!

    WC - Falcons. Lions. The 4 teams I see contending for WC spots will be the Cowboys, Giants, Lions, and Falcons. My big fear about the Lions is how they may not have much of a running game this year and that could mean that Stafford will get hit more, but I still like them more than the Giants and Cowboys.

    North - Steelers. Should be another fun battle between them and the Ravens, but Flacco still has to prove he can beat the Steelers when Big Ben is playing.

    South - Colts. Every year the Texans are picked to finally make it over the hump and with Manning to possibly miss the opener (along with other issues for the Colts) they are primed to take that division. Their biggest issue that will hold them back is the growing pains their D will go thru. I just cant pick against Manning right now.

    East - Patriots. Still think the Jets are a year away from winning this division. I dont think they have done enough to improve their pass rush to overtake the Pats.

    West - Chargers. Chiefs look like they could take a step back this year. I have no idea what the Raiders will do. They went 6-0 in this division last year. They should be competitive. I still see the Chargers doing their usual thing by getting off to a slow start but they can still win the division.

    WC - Ravens. Jets. This is awfully similar to the AFC playoff teams last year but I just dont see a suprise AFC team coming out of nowhere to get a WC spot and I think the Texans just barely miss out on the playoffs.