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12intheBox Mox Again

Discussion in 'MOCK DRAFTS' started by 12intheBox, May 4, 2014.

  1. 12intheBox

    12intheBox Well-Known Member

    1. Hou - Clowney

    2. STL - Greg Robinson - no trading down - not because there aren't offers but because the Rams aren't going to risk losing this kid.

    3. Jax - Johnny Manziel

    4. STL - Sammy Watkins - the Rams trade the #44 pick to move from 13 to 4 and grab their other guy that they just couldn't leave this draft without. Heck of a first night, Snead - it was a lot to give up, but the offense looks a lot better.

    66. Pierre Desir - CB - Lindenwood - The Rams trade up again this time using their 6 and both of their 7s to move from 75 to 66. Washington felt like adding 3 late picks in a deep draft was worth waiting a few more hours to pick.

    110. Dezmen Southward, S, Wisconsin

    153. Isiah Crowell, RB, Alabama State / Georgia

    214. (c) Colt Lyerla - TE, Oregon (kind of)

    249. (c) Ethan Westbrooks - DE, West Texas A&M

    250. (c) Brett Smith - QB, Wyoming
  2. FRO

    FRO Well-Known Member

    Dang that's awesome. Sign me up. Always enjoy your draft stuff.
  3. Memento

    Memento Ser Memento (alias, The Winged Knight).

    I'm really sorry for saying this, but I don't like this draft. For one, where's the cornerback/offensive line depth? Secondly, there's no way you're getting Brett Smith that low; in my opinion, he's worth a fourth round pick. Thirdly, Lyerla is being drafted way too high; there's a fifty-fifty chance he goes undrafted, so why take him with the sixth round compensation pick? Fourthly, the only defensive end I'd even consider in this draft is Clowney, so taking a defensive end in the seventh round over a potential guard/tackle confuses me. What if he can't beat out Hayes and Sims? And finally, I believe that you're taking too many risks with bad character guys who have not had exceptional collegiate careers (i.e., Lyerla, Crowell).

    I also don't like that you traded up for Watkins. I understand why you made the move, but I wouldn't do it myself because I don't think that Watkins is that good of a receiver. The only players I like are Robinson, Smith, and Desir.
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  4. 12intheBox

    12intheBox Well-Known Member

    No need to be sorry at all - the best part about the draft is that reasonable minds can disagree on what kind of future these kids might have.

    But to address your concerns - Ethan Westbrooks isn't going to beat out Simms or Hayes. I seriously doubt that the 7th round comp picks make the team at all - no matter what position you take. You stick a kid like him on the practice squad and develop him for 2015 or maybe even 2016. Brett Smith may get drafted, he may not - most of what I have found on him has him in the 7-UDFA range. Lyerla may also go undrafted - but he wouldn't if I were the GM (thank goodness, I'm not, huh?) His off the field stuff is pretty toxic, but so was the Honey Badger and Vontaze Burfict - what is hard to question is his talent. Anyone going at pick 214 in the draft is hard to call a reach.

    The cornerback depth comes from Desir - adding to Tru, JJ, Reid, and McGee - not a bad unit if you ask me.

    Watkins is a phenomenal receiver. I can understand the concern that he isn't 6'4, that he comes from an offense that was designed to get him the ball quickly rather than let him run pro style routes - but none of that changes what he is. He has strong, elite hands, suddenness, field vision, toughness, smarts, and desire. Very well worth a top 5 pick - especially to a team like us who are so starved for a go to guy in the passing game.

    O Line depth? I think drafting Robinson at 2 overall is a start.

    I think the real problem with this draft is that we go into 2014 with safety issues - again.