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Ram It, Do You Know How To Ram It, Ram It
Jul 27, 2010
Thank you guys! I went Brockers as he has been with the Rams during some of the darkest times. When the Rams beat the Saints, to go to the SB, the emotions, of all the struggles, he and the entire team endured, poured out of his soul. Still, one of the greatest moments ever for me as a Rams fan.
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Goff and Gurley
Jul 8, 2014
Awesome add-on, hope to see Rams legends such as Warner, Bruce, etc included down the road; would definitely wear a 39 Jackson flair.
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  1. AZRams @ AZRams: Why do the Football Gods hate the Rams?
  2. RhodyRams @ RhodyRams: well that sucked donkey balls
  3. CGI_Ram @ CGI_Ram: It “feels like a while” since we’ve won. That ends... TODAY!,
  5. @ ROD-BOT: Go Rams!
  6. DR RAM @ DR RAM: First lead of the season, maybe only lead of year for UCLA. Good news, The AD is retiring soon.
  7. VeteranRamFan @ VeteranRamFan: Spending vacation in DC. Gawd I hate these late games on the east coast!
  8. CGI_Ram @ CGI_Ram: Cheers, to Friday!
  9. DR RAM @ DR RAM: Pretty crappy game