playoff memories

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Jul 31, 2016
Anyone else have a playoff loss that they for some reason watched multiple times?

For me it was the Panthers in 03/04. Not sure why but I watched that game over like five times, each time shocked that Wilkins came up short on that kick and remembering how I celebrated prematurely when the kick was straight.
I can't say I've ever watched that game again, but I'm pretty sure my then-girlfriend telling me "I can't believe you are so upset about a stupid football game." was the beginning of the end of that relationship.

Selassie I

H. I. M.
Jun 23, 2010
This one wasn't pretty but it was a highlight of my childhood. We got such a limited number of games on TV back them, and almost no football news on TV, so I still remember being very confused as to how the lowly Buccaneers made it to the NFC championship game.


I was at that game. My Grandfather surprised me with tickets and we went together.

I made my own #1 foam hand. I cut it out of a big piece of foam and I wrote Rams Fan on it. Basically calling myself the #1 Rams Fan.

My Grandmother made me go to church during the Super Bowl after that game. It wasn't even the normal church thing that she went to Sunday mornings... it was some special bullshit at the church in the late day. The preachers wife felt so bad that she would run out of the church every few minutes to her house next door and come back into church and give me the score.

We were winning at halftime and we left church about that time. I got home for the second half were we managed to lose. I swore to my Grandmother that I would never go to church during a Ram game when I became old enough to decide for myself. Imagine that after just having been to that NFC Championship in person right before. It was torture.


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Rams On Demand Sponsor
Jun 1, 2013
Basically the moment as a kid that I became a Ram fan. This game, living in upstate NY, against the local team that my friends rooted for. Hence my username, Flipper in the 1989 season. Dude was ridiculous!
I remember the NFL Films highlights for this game they had a mic on the sideline. It caught Newberry walking up to Flipper, following that first TD at the end if the half, and he says, "You're an Ass Kicker baby, an Ass Kicker!"


Pro Bowler
Aug 3, 2013
Madden - never lost for a little color commentary!!!
..and flipper Anderson, 6 to the house and into the tunnel in OT!!! Nice stuff.
Yeah, Madden did the game the week before in Philadelphia. They beat Buddy Ryan's boys. I remember him showing the ball with Paul Tagliabue's signature on it for the very first time.

I watched that game and my neighbor (Eagles fan) came over at halftime with his whole family dressed in Eagles gear "to change the mojo for the 2nd half". I threw them all out!!!!


Cowboys rudeboy.
Sep 18, 2014
He deserved it. LOLOLOLOL

Hey... it's a rare game when I root for your Bois... but it'll happen this weekend.

I'll give you a big shout out here on the site if they can take the trash out for everybody!
Thanks my dude! I think you and I would get along swimmingly, aside from our football differences. We have similar tastes in other things, e.g. music.
Whatever happens to both our teams, I just hope they have fun.
(I couldn't even type that with a straight face)