How to change your ROD avatar (Windows 10 computer)

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Nov 3, 2013
Procedure as of March 22 2020:

Step 1: Find an image you want to use as your avatar and save it on your Win 10 computer. Remember where you saved it, (Downloads or Pictures would be the most obvious places to save your image).

Step 2: Move the cursor to your current avatar at the top of the page and click on it. Here is a 2020 image of a ROD page using the Firefox browser. Obviously a different browser would produce a different, but hopefully similar, layout.


Step 3: Clicking on your avatar should have created a drop-down menu with a larger version of your avatar. If you move the cursor over the larger avatar you should see the word 'Edit' appear. Click on 'Edit'.


Step 4: Clicking on 'Edit' should have created a new drop-down menu with a 'Browse' option to replace the current avatar with another image stored on your computer. Move the cursor over 'Browse' and click on it.


Step 5: You should now see a Win 10 File Upload page. This will list locations on your computer. Move the cursor over the location where your choice of image for your new avatar is stored, (likely Downloads or Pictures), and click the location.


Somewhere in the right hand side of that location should be your image file. At the bottom of the File Upload page is a 'File Name' box which should be empty. Click on the image for your new avatar.


The 'File Name' box should now have the file name of your chosen new avatar in it. Now click the 'Open' box below and to the right of the 'File Name' box. You should now be able to see the avatar 'Browse' page with your new avatar loaded into it. Click 'Okay'.

If this fails then PANIC!, blame Canada, and contact @CGI_Ram.
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