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Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by Shaky, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Shaky

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    Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo

    (Opening Statement)
    “I’m really disappointed, it was a tough one. Give Seattle credit, they played hard. We had some opportunities early with some turnovers. And then first half down 10-7 I thought it would have been the other way. We had a lot of challenges we had to overcome during the game, obviously the injuries it happens to every team. We didn’t do as good this week as we did last week. And the results were a little bit different. Injury wise (DE) Chris (Long) tweaked his ankle a little bit, but he fought through it. He’s a trooper. (T) Mark LeVoir has got a pec. We’ll get an MRI and find out more. (LB) Josh Hull has got a hamstring. That hurt us that he didn’t play. He’s been fighting that all year long. (WR) Austin Pettis you saw go in and out. He’s battling, it’s a knee, not sure where that’s at that’s why (WR) Mark Clayton was in there returning. (CB) Marquis Johnson at the end there has got a rib injury, he’ll get an MRI. (TE) Lance (Kendricks) you saw what happened to him. He seems to be okay right now I just saw him but we’ll see what happens there. (DT) Justin Bannan right at the end tweaked his shoulder so he’ll be battling that this week. This keeps going, not sure why, unexplainable, but we’ve got to fight through it and with that I’ll open it up.”


    QB Sam Bradford

    (On what went wrong today)
    “I’m not sure. We’re going to have to look at the tape, obviously. We did a lot of the things that we talked about as a team that we couldn’t do if we wanted to win the game. So obviously we have to take those things into account and not make those mistakes. We’ve just have to keep going, keep fighting.”


    RB Steven Jackson

    (On the play of the offense)
    “It’s frustrating. As an offense, we just couldn’t get in a rhythm. We knew they were pretty good against the run, and as the injuries occurred, as things went down we became isolated to doing certain things. They have a great pass rush and they’re a good defense, a good team. When two teams are that familiar with one another, you expect a slug match. Unfortunately we came up short.”


    LB James Laurinaitis

    (On today’s game)
    “We shot ourselves in the foot, we turned the ball over a little bit, and we weren’t able to hold them to field goals instead of touchdowns. I think that’s the one thing that really is bothersome. That last touchdown run really gets under my skin. We’ll know more tomorrow when we look at the film. We’ve got to find a way to make those threes instead of seven for them and then get more turnovers.”


    WR Brandon Lloyd

    (On if he thought pass interference would be called on a second-half incompletion)
    “I was looking for a flag. There was a lot of contact and I was definitely expecting a flag because it was late in the play, but we just didn’t get it.”


    DE Robert Quinn, CB Justin King

    DE Robert Quinn

    (On what his initial reactions were from the game)
    “There were a lot of bad breaks for us, but we’ve got to put it behind us and look forward to next week and keep fighting.”


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