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SportsBook Bookie
Nov 3, 2013
All Sportsbook cash totals have been reset as of July 27 2020. The plan is to run the Sportsbook on a July-July revolving year rather than March-March. This was originally down to the XFL filling the gap between the NFL and the Draft and also the natural gap that appears in the July calendar. Obviously covid19 has changed the landscape.

The plan is still to run July-July. Everyone starts with $50K in Sportsbook cash. We plan to add $10-20K more cash before the start of the NFL season to encourage bets on NFL futures. We plan to add $10K per week during the NFL regular season and possibly higher amounts during the NFL playoffs. The base cash should be around $300K by the Super Bowl. ROD's Most Sportsbook Cash winner will be determined as soon as is practicable after the NFL season has been completed. (Non NFL events will obviously count towards the total but we want the NFL to be the main focus). The Sportsbook will remain open with irregular cash boosts for those who wish to bet on the NFL Draft and other Spring/Summer events until the July 2021 reset.

The current Sportsbook software is of poor quality. The software improved from 2016 through to 2018. We had to change the software in 2019 and the new software is well below the 2016 quality. We are aware that events appear posted upside down, the tags are mostly erased before 2019, the comments don't load properly, the event details and RULES don't by appear on the page by default, limits can be circumvented, and so on. There are also some other flaws and missing features that you don't see, (which is why there were no free bets in 2019). Sportsbook events are subject to rules and limits. It is NOT a free-for-all. Details are normally posted in the Event details section on each Sportsbook page. The point of these rules is to make the earning/winning of Sportsbook cash and the Most Sportsbook Cash title a fair, season-long challenge. You should NOT be able to dominate by getting lucky and going all-in on what should be a $50 fun prop. Because of software flaws we can't easily police event limits, but abusing the system will not end well. IF IN DOUBT - ASK FIRST!