Dome lease

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Medium-sized Lebowski
Jun 20, 2010
The Dude
I wish I could ask you something here that you could answer with a definitive statement, but I know that's not even possible. I know you have to keep all of your options close to your vest, but could you speak to the possibilities of building a new dome in a new location in STL? Is that a primary option? And do you have locations in mind already?



Jul 29, 2012
There isn't much I can or will say on the lease, but I will say that throughout the process, we were focused on how to improve the Edward Jones Dome to provide a great game day experience for our fans and that working with the top stadium designers we learned a great deal about what needs to be done to improve the experience. That wisdom will serve us well as we move forward in the next step, with the same goal in mind -- to provide the best game day experience in the NFL. Part of that involves things we don't currently control -- parking, tailgating, etc, and some are things we can work with the CVC to improve. The good news is that the arbitration is behind us and now we can think more creatively outside of the legal process as we move forward to improve the fan experience.