Black Friday

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Nov 3, 2013
Is Black Friday a 'thing' for you? Do you look for deals? Do you looking for things in shops or online? If so what did you buy or what did you look for? Do you buy things on impulse or just buy things that you were going to buy somewhere else or at some other time.

Black Friday is starting to become a thing in the UK. There are a lot of tv ads for it. I had a quick look around last year and didn't buy anything. This year I spent more time looking at deals, particularly on Amazon. The only thing I ended up buying was a large supply of cat food. Not particularly exciting, but there it is. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I just looked at the deals and that was the only thing I would have bought somewhere else at another time...and it was a good price. It wouldn't normally have occurred to me to buy cat food online.
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Jun 28, 2010
For me, I always seem to find deals all the way up to Christmas... so, not too hung up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday stuff, myself.
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Dec 15, 2018
It's not a thing for my family. When you look at the deals especially those that bring in the shoppers such as electronics, especially TVs, you realize it is a scam. I always suspected it but later was confirmed by a guy at a big box store. The TVs placed on sale are not existing stock with a much lower price. The sale TVs are made for the BF sale with cheaper components thus the quality and reliability are much worse. Best bet is to try to get an existing TV for the sale price. To do that you need to find the TV you like before the BF sale and write down the exact model number and probably wait until the after Christmas sale.
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Rams On Demand Sponsor
Dec 5, 2011
IMO, BF is not a scam. It's another aspect of good ole capitalism where the stores cut prices on some items in hopes you will come in and spend on other non-mark down items too.


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Dec 15, 2018
Here's an article describing what I posted about BF TVs-

26,659 viewsNov 21, 2012, 01:49pm
Why You Shouldn't Buy a TV on Black Friday

By: Sam Mattera

Millions of U.S. consumers will likely wake up early on Friday (some will head out Thursday night) in a mad attempt to cash in on Black Friday deals from retailers all over the country.
Many of these consumers might be angling to get a new TV for their living room. Indeed, the printed ads from major retailers like Target (NYSE: TGT), Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) and Walmart (NYSE: WMT) all have pictures of TVs prominently displayed on the first page. However, wise consumers may wish to wait before dropping their hard-earned cash on a TV this Friday.

Obviously, TV sets offered by obscure manufacturers may be of dubious quality, but consumers generally know this going in. However, what can be deceptive is that models from more well-known electronic companies -- Sony (NYSE: SNE) or Samsung, for example -- could fail to live up to expectations.

In order to offer models at bargain prices, some manufacturers produce “derivative models” -- that is, scaled down versions of their normal TVs. However, most consumers don't realize this, looking only at the brand name, the size of the screen and perhaps what type of HDTV it is (LCD, Plasma, LED, etc).
These derivative models are toned down versions of standard ones, perhaps offering a reduced number of HDMI ports or lower quality components. However, it's hard to say -- it can even be hard to tell which specific TVs are derivatives, requiring a careful scan of a model number which could total eight or nine digits.

What might be most alarming about derivative models is their production run. The manufacturing companies produce the derivatives to sell for only a few days. They might manufacture them for only a few weeks, as compared to their normal models which they can produce for a full year. This short production run might mean that the TVs are more prone to error.

At any rate, Black Friday TVs might be best thought of with a couple popular phrases: “let the buyer beware” and “you get what you pay for.”


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Rams On Demand Sponsor
Nov 11, 2014
oh kinda sorta

although we do most our shopping on line

the wife and I still head out and do some shopping on Black Friday

we are no were near part of the door buster crowd

we always hook up with some friends and go get some breakfast

we're never in any big hurry

never really buy much , it's usually just little knick knack stuff

I bought a extra controller for the Playstation , wife bought a coupe pairs of gloves , stuff like that

the daughter was home for the weekend from college , my brother and his family came down from Minneapolis

one of my sisters and part of her tribe are always around as well

Black Friday for us is , 10% shopping , 90% just standing around visiting with friends we meet along the way

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