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NFL Power Rankings, Week 5: Week 5 Power Rankings

I accidentally edited Week 4 Rankings by mistake (hey I'm new at this). From here on out it should be changing as a new ranking each week.

Again, I base these rankings on how teams are CURRENTLY playing, overall record, and head to head match ups.
Best team in the league found a way to win. They do have one weakness, at offensive line.
They are quietly 3-1 and already have a W over a strong Washington team.
Big Mover: Gain of spots
When you beat Super Bowl winners and teams, that is impressive. Kudos to the Bills.
They will go as far as the defense takes them.
Barely losing to the Chiefs on the road is nothing to be sad about. D is as strong as any team.
Playoff Contender
Man, this team is riding the injury train this year. At least they will have Mr. Rodgers.
Playoff Contender
Literally inches from being undefeated, but the Packers are just a tad better.
Big Mover: Loss of spots
The Falcons better be careful, because they can easily be 1-3 right now.
Author's Favorite Team
If you are 3-1, you deserve to be in the top 10.
Author's Favorite Team
Something about Pittsburgh doesn't seem right this year, they may win the division by default.
Why couldn't Cam do that against the equally bad Saints' defense? But hey, here they are, 3-1.
Big Mover: Gain of 1 spots
A win against NE (suddenly very doable) can make people believe in them. BTW, Cameron Brate is the best TE to pick up in fantasy. Your welcome.
Big Mover: Loss of 1 spots
2-2 teams that cheat don't deserve to be in the top 10.
Author's Favorite Team
Deshaun has 6 TDs, 2 rush TDs, and 4 INTs in two games. Imagine how he could've been had he been prepared from the beginning? Thanks, BOB.
The Saints, pitched a shutout? What is this, bizarro world?
Well, lookie there, they are back! After beating an injured Colts team with no Andrew Luck!

Why don't they beat a real team?

Wait, that doesn't apply to them? That some bewl!
Big Mover: Loss of 1 spots
They are in TROUBLE. Even with Sean Lee coming back, their back end is just too short-handed.
Big Mover: Loss of spots
Oooof. That was rough. They aren't 57 points bad, as it was only a 10 point game at the half, but without Marcus Mariota could struggle quite a while.
Big Mover: Loss of spots
Case Keenum is up and down. That sounds familiar.
Big Mover: Loss of spots
If I was a Raiders fan, I'd be furious at Marshawn Lynch hogging up a roster spot. He hasn't done anything a random free agent could do.
Big Mover: Gain of spots
Last week I called them the weekly trap game. Well, opponents shouldn't even consider them that now.
I will give credit to them defensively, that is a legit unit.
Carson Palmer can still play, but at the rate won't finish the season. Thanks, o-line.
Big Mover: Loss of 2 spots
Both the Jets and Ravens have the same record. The Ravens will be below .500 at the end of the year.
Last 2 games the offense has come alive. Maybe some faint hope in them.
Mitchell Trubsiky time. I'm definitely interested. Just sounds like a Chicago player.
The only thing that is keeping them from being any lower is that they won a game.
The Jets of the NFC.
This is a much better team when healthy, yet they still have competed well after week 1.
The only thing keeping them from being dead last is there isn't any drama.
I'd seriously consider getting rid of O'Dell via trade.
No more sympathy for them. Last until the organization realizes this is real life and not Hollywood.

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  1. Farr Be It
    I think the Eagles are a bit overrated, but otherwise you have it more right than most of the publications, @Angry Ram . Good job!(y)
    1. Angry Ram
      Maybe so, but right now they are finding ways to win. They played the Chiefs very well, as did the Redskins, and Philly beat Washington at their place.
      Angry Ram · Oct 4, 2017