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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: Week 5 Power Rankings

I base these rankings based on how the teams are performing (even in losses), consistency, and head-to-head match-ups (i.e. when the Rams beat the Seahawks, the Rams will be on top of them, at least for that week).
Most complete team in the league has one weakness: offensive line. Being the only undefeated warrants #1.
Playoff Contender
They are 3-1, with the NFC East theirs for the taking.
Big Mover: Gain of 3 spots
I was wrong about them last week. Two wins against recent Super Bowl winners is nothing to ignore.
According to Tony Romo, they are still running Wade Phillips' scheme in the Rockies.
They were oh so close to knocking off the last undefeated.
Playoff Contender
They are dodging bullets with injuries not being severe, yet still are playing great football.
Playoff Contender
Literally inches from being undefeated.
Last week I said they would be caught, which the Bills did.
Author's Favorite Team
Todd Gurley II has to be in the MVP conversation.
Author's Favorite Team
Something about that W didn't feel right, as it was a true struggle to muster anything on O outside Le'Veon Bell.
Playoff Pretender
Tampa is the biggest unknown. Beating NE at home will confirm what they are.
Big Mover: Loss of 12 spots
.500 teams don't deserve to be in the top 10.
Big Mover: Gain of 13 spots
Deshaun Watson in two games: 6 TDs, 2 rush TDs, 4 INTs. Makes you wonder who was calling for Tom Savage coughBOBcough.
Big Mover: Gain of 14 spots
The Saints defense pitched a SHUTOUT?! What is this, bizarro world?!
Big Mover: Gain of 15 spots
Media logic:

The Rams need to beat real teams to show they turned a corner, dominating the short-handed Colts at home doesn't show anything.

Seattle is putting on a clinic OMGZ, destroying the Colts! They are back OMGZ! No, they are .500 with a mediocre offense.
Big Mover: Loss of 16 spots
If a kicker can score the equivalent of 3 TDs with XPs, what does THAT say about their defense?
Big Mover: Gain of 17 spots
Looks like Cam got back on the map. Suddenly the NFC South looks like a dog fight.
Big Mover: Loss of 18 spots
That...was bad. And losing Marcus Mariota is a double whammy (hammy?)
If there's one fan base I really feel bad for, it's this one. First Teddy Bridgewater, then Sam Bradford, and now Dalvin Cook? Terrible.
Big Mover: Loss of 20 spots
Has there ever been a more overrated RB than Marshawn Lynch? He's literally just taking up a roster spot right now.
Big Mover: Gain of 21 spots
Hey look at that, the Jets are suddenly 2-2! Give them credit.
Big Mover: Loss of 22 spots
44 points surrendered. All by the defense, the "strength" of this team.
Playoff Pretender
Jaguars gonna Jaguar.
Big Mover: Gain of 24 spots
The past 2 weeks they have been playing much better on offense.
They will go as far as their OL will take them.
Finally, Mitchell Trubisky will play.
If it weren't for garbage time, that's two straight shutouts.
Winless teams, no matter how competitive they are, are still winless.
Little Indy has 4 winnable games coming up. Jacoby Brissett is not your typical backup QB.
Finding ways to lose...their stadium to Eagles fans?
O'Dell Beckham was chewed out by the team's owner. What does THAT say about him?
Done feeling sorry for them.

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  1. LACHAMP46
    Bills at #4???? Really???
    1. Angry Ram
      No, at #3. They are 3-1 and have beaten both the Falcons and Broncos. The Jets win is more impressive now considering how they are playing, and easily can be undefeated. I'm giving them respect unless they fall off a cliff.
      Angry Ram · Oct 3, 2017
  2. Corbin
    LMAO k bye lol!
  3. LoyalRam
    We had a bounce back win on the road,AND we want the defense to get better
  4. LACHAMP46
    I always liked the Bears....John Fox built the Broncos B4 Son of Bum arrived...Something to think about.

    Love the Jags talent.

    freak the Skins!!!! And the Cowboys...I still see Newhouse, Randy White, Preston & Drew Pearson (not related), and Roger Staubach....freak the Cowboys!!!!! Too Tall, Martin...and that mfer, Hollywood Henderson.
  5. ljramsfan
    Couldn't agree more with all of the rankings.
  6. RhodyRams
    Nice job, but help a brother out. What's with the Thanks BOB under Houston?
      ljramsfan likes this.
    1. FaulkSF
      Bill O' Brien. ROD feels the hatred run through them.
      FaulkSF · Sep 27, 2017
    2. Angry Ram
      Yeah, BOB infuriates me. People here want to blame the GM, but he's given the coach so many good players and they underachieve. Plus he's a jerk to his players.
      Angry Ram · Sep 27, 2017