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NFL Power Rankings, Week 15: Week 15 Power Rankings

And then there are 3...weeks left. Suddenly that's a very real feeling for the majority of teams out there. Enjoy the last few weeks where all 32 teams are out there, and make sure to pay extra attention to your fantasy team if you are in the playoffs!

As always, these rankings are based on overall ranking, head-to-head matchups, and overall body of play.
Author's Favorite Team
This very well may be the year Pittsburgh finally beats New England.
The worst (best?) part of this was Tom Brady looked really really old and lost without Rob Gronkowski out there.
"Thanks for holding the fort" - Aaron Rodgers
TBH Rams fans everywhere should've been Vikings fans last Sunday, for worst case wild card chances.
Author's Favorite Team
It may very well the Rams might have the best team in the NFC now, despite the loss.
Rams/Jaguars Super Bowl....hell why not!?
Jon Stewart lives!!!!!!!
Big Mover: Gain of 4 spots
Big win for the Falcons, and 3 straight to get the NFCS.
I wonder what sort of cringe cliche Sean Payton will come up with this week? Plastic toy zebras getting eaten by plastic toy Pope figures?
LA may just have the most consistent defense in the AFC.
Well the good news was the Ravens showed they can score points.
Big Mover: Loss of 3 spots
This team is so hot and cold Katy Perry wouldn't even know what to do with them.
Big Mover: Gain of 4 spots
Kudos to Brett Hundley. Backed up as any back up could.
Big Mover: Loss of 3 spots
The Rams could beat Jacksonville at their place. Why couldn't you? Too busy being butthurt?
Ain't nothin like beating a 2 win team to get your hopes up.
Playoff Pretender
Buffalo might be playoff bound this year. How cool would a snowy playoff game would be to see?
Matthew Stafford really needs to be in consideration for MVP.
Look at that, they suspend their alleged best corner and play better on defense.
Big Mover: Loss of 5 spots
Talk about a let down. Amari Cooper has FOUR games with less than 10 yards receiving.
They won Sunday, and nobody noticed. Or cared.
Uh-oh. Suddenly Josh Norman is getting butthurt.
And thus begins...the best of the worst.
Big Mover: Gain of 5 spots
Who in the hell decided to get rid of the classic uniforms? The Dolphins were actually watchable on Monday because of just that!
I'm gonna go ahead and make these guys my turn-around team for 2018.
Author's Favorite Team
BOB wants to come back. Umm, no thanks.
If they Bengals really wanted to show they can still be a playoff team, maybe they should bounce back with a weak Bears team. But you know, Bengals gonna bungle.
This was the Broncos team that we were supposed to see all year. Colts, Redskins, Chiefs left. Hello 7-9?
I wonder if Jameis is still starving by now as he hasn't eaten a win in a while.
Jeez, if they win out and go 6-10, would the city of SF shut down for a parade? T-Shirts and hats? 6-10 FTW!!!!
The Colts disappearing in that blizzard is the perfect metaphor for their season. Disappearing.
Wonder if Steve Spagnoluo wishes his boy Reggie was there by his side.
Last home game coming up. Anybody wanna go?

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