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NFL Power Rankings, Week 12: Week 12 Power Rankings

Thanksgiving week is upon us, and my 2nd favorite holiday in the same order they arrive in. This is the last week of football before fans of teams either excitedly wait for playoffs or find something else to do in December.

As always, these rankings are based on overall record, head-to-head matchups, and overall body of play.
Toughest game remaining on their schedule is...the Rams.
Author's Favorite Team
Most complete team right now in the AFC.
Big Mover: Gain of 3 spots
That was impressive, kudos to them.
They have won when their defense plays both elite and like crap.
Remember when the were 1-2 and a crappy defense? Yeah, good times.
Author's Favorite Team
Well, they played competitively for 3 quarters before the wheels fell off. #FEEDGURLEY
I love how everyone is still praising the Jaguars for beating the Browns. The Rams would've struggled to beat them.
They probably knew something about Kelvin Benjamin, who is already having knee issues in Buffalo.
Big Mover: Gain of 5 spots
You gotta give some consideration for Matthew Stafford for MVP. Lions would be nothing without him.
One of these days, Russell is gonna run around backwards and have an epic fail. And I will be there. Laughing.
Too much talent to play like they did. Better fix it fast b/c the Chargers could end up winning the West.
Big Mover: Loss of 5 spots
Did anyone else cringe when that lame story about the Titans standing in the locker room screaming this is for Coach LeBeau was told?
That was the Redskins' season in a nutshell.
Maybe Jurrah should focus on getting better players on defense than throwing lawsuit tantrums.
I will never understand knee-jerk reactions by coaches.
They have a VERY favorable schedule where running the table is highly possible.
Author's Favorite Team
Watching this team knowing they won't make the playoffs, no players really worth watching outside DeAndre Hopkins, yet they put on an entertaining game. Kudos to the 10 people that watched it.
Big Mover: Gain of 6 spots
Bengals are like the king of average teams this year.
Big Mover: Gain of 6 spots
Hey, look at that they are suddenly competitive. Well they are up here because the rest of the league is playing like poo.
These guys remind me of the 2016 Rams.
I would much rather be a fan of the Bears and Colts over the remaining teams left.
Remember when Adrian Peterson revitalized this group? That was a fun day.
Jets have played admiringly, but seem to be on the path now they were projected to take.
They just fired their DC, which makes a bit more sense than firing the OC like other teams do.
Quick, who scored the TDs for the Ravens??
Big Mover: Loss of 7 spots
Might as well shut Mr. Rodgers down and focus on the rebuild.
They keep changing QBs but ignore what is happening on defense, their strength.
Their idiocy pisses me off.
Janoris, your team is still 2-8.
Must've been a helluva party celebrating their 1 win over the bye week.

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  1. Ram65
    A PA Super Bowl. Steelers coming on. Eagles still the strongest.

    We will see about the Saints. We know the vikings are in the mix.

    I think the Chargers could be higher. Look for them to make a run to the playoffs. Let's see if anyone else can make a run. Lions have big game against the Vikings.
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  2. Karate61
    Nice Job. Fun reading your comments!
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