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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Power Rankings Week 9

Holy moly it's week 9 already! Soon to be in double digits. Take it in and savor every moment, this is the best part of the football year.

Week 8 had 6 teams on bye, which meant others had excellent opportunities to get back in their division races. Some did. Some didn't.

As always I base these on a combo of overall record, body of play, and head-to-head match-ups.
To struggle in the first half, then come alive in the second against a winless team shows they belong. And they just added to their backfield.
Most impressive is the defense. Last time they were this good it was 2008. And they won the Super Bowl that year.
Author's Favorite Team
No changes in the top 3, as they get to face the NFC's version of the Colts.
Who dat say in week 1 dem Saints gon be 5-2?
Literally the Patriots of the NFC. They are mortal yet external luck constantly bails them out.
At 6-2, in first, you might as well crown 'em. Case Keenum!!!!
It wasn't pretty but they got it done. BTW Fantasy superstar Kareem Hunt hasn't scored a TD since week 3.
They still are very vulnerable on defense and no where near the power they once were.
You got to give these guys credit at 5-2, shutting down the Raiders' season saving W, and suddenly getting Kelvin Benjamin.
Rounding out the top 10 with fresh, new team is the Jags. Isn't it awesome?
Well they are back above .500 and the RB gets suspended again at the worst possible time of the year.
Playoff Pretender
You can't argue with their record but they are the Dolphins of the NFC, a fake 5-3 and just lost their best WR via trade.
Author's Favorite Team
Geez, I wish the Rams had gotten this much praise when they lost.
Big Mover: Gain of 4 spots
They needed that win to stay about .500. Could it be the spring board game?
Losses like against NE on the road wouldn't be so bad if they didn't start in that winless hole.
Injuries are slowly but surely destroying the Redskins' hopes.
Big Mover: Gain of 6 spots
Bengals are just kind of there, and are up this high because all the other teams have been playing awful as of late.
They are the 1st place team at 4-3, but it almost seems in default. They have to finish strong.
Make no mistake, Chicago is competitive and has an underrated defense.
Whoa (see what I did there), when was the last time the Broncos had a losing record? Can't blame it all on the QB, though.
They are still in second place, and may still end up at 2nd place considering the youth of Chicago and the uninspiring Detroit.
Trap game city. The Jets have been competitive all year.
Big Mover: Gain of 5 spots
Did you see how everyone freaked when Joe Flacco got hurt? Maybe he isn't as bad as people make him out to be.
Did you recognize any Lions player other than Matthew Stafford during the player introductions?
It's time to admit they are no where near the 12-4 team they were last year.
Big Mover: Loss of 13 spots
Even at above .500, you don't get moved up after losing 40-0.
Bruce Arians wants to stay until his contract is up. Bill Bidwill and the GM can decide when that is.
So much disappoint. Jameis Wintson has serious accuracy issues.
I hope the Colts realize that injuries can tremendously affect a season. The whole trading Andrew Luck and TY Hilton talk was just dumb.
Eli Manning retires after this year. Calling it now.
Brian Hoyer gave them the best chance to win, and lil Shanny ruined any chance CJ Beathard had at being at least a decent backup.
What would be worse, if Cleveland fans witness a winless season or being a fan of the one team Cleveland ends up beating?

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  1. Elmgrovegnome
    I think you have the J-E-T-S Jets much too low. And Bowles deserves a ton of credit for taking a terrible team on paper and making them very competitive.
  2. RhodyRams
    kind of like San Fran having 2 wins last year? both against the Rams

  3. LoyalRam
    You didn't do it Angry, but it it gets me when a team gets dropped a place or two after a bye, and they come up with shyte that was no less available in coming up with rankings before the drop.....lolo
      Angry Ram and CGI_Ram like this.