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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: Power Rankings Week 7

The theme of this week for the folks that get PAID to make these rankings are claiming this year as "mediocre." Umm, 15 teams are above .500.

Boo hoo the Patriots aren't undefeated. Get over it.

As always, I base these on record, overall body of play, and head-to-head match ups.
I'm not going to penalize them for losing their first game halfway into the season. They are still the best in the league right now.
Is there any doubt they are the best in the NFC?
Are the Redskins good because they beat a winless team?
Big Mover: Gain of 8 spots
Who would've thought this a month ago?
Author's Favorite Team
Even when they are winning, there is always drama this year.
They are only here by default.
Author's Favorite Team
Gonna be one sore plane ride to London.
They are 4-2, but it doesn't feel like 4-2.
Big Mover: Loss of 5 spots
Ooof. Worst possible night for the defense to lay a dud.
Big Mover: Gain of 8 spots
The Vikings lost their starting QB, RB and are still 4-2? With Case Keenum??? I met the guy, I like him. SKOL I guess.
Big Mover: Loss of 8 spots
"Are you SURE that was my last pass?" - Tony Romo
No, barely scrapping by the Jet does not warrant a top 10 spot.
Shows why you need a complete, healthy team. Blake Bortles gonna Blake Bortles.
Fun fact: LeSean McCoy hasn't scored a TD this year.
Author's Favorite Team
Nothing like a confidence building game by playing the Browns after losing two superstars to IR.
Playoff Pretender
Is this the fakest 3-2 team you've ever done seen?
Big Mover: Loss of 9 spots
I thought new stadiums were supposed to be intimidating?
Wonder how many Jets fans called in Monday morning.
The Bengals have the defense to beat the Steelers.
Big Mover: Loss of 11 spots
Maybe the Lions should focus on getting the lead FIRST.
Big Mover: Gain of 5 spots
Good news is if Marcus Mariota plays like that hurt, what happens at full health?
Big Mover: Gain of 7 spots
Was that Adrian Peterson's last hurrah?
Big Mover: Loss of 8 spots
Every year they are pegged as the "breakout" team and every year they disappoint.
I'm kind of wanting them to lose to SF.
Man they did EVERYTHING to win, and they still BARELY did it.
That bootleg tho...
Suddenly they are so irrelevant.
LA Chargers 2017 slogan: BARELY FINISH THEM.
Eli is a pro's pro. Their HC is a donkey's ass.
The Raiders should "punt" this season away. And get rid of that roster-spot hogging, overrated RB.
Why in the world would you bench a competent QB?
Titans, Vikings, Lions, Jaguars are due up. Hey maybe they can trade down again.

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  1. Legatron4
    These are hilarious. Keep it up. Especially liked where you placed the Ravens. What a dumpster fire that team is. So freaking boring to watch too.
      Angry Ram likes this.
  2. Farr Be It
    Why are the Steelers, Skins and Seaturds given such reverence? I don't get it. Rams at 5 sounds about right to me.
    1. LACHAMP46
      Skins look pretty good to me
      LACHAMP46 · Oct 18, 2017
    2. Farr Be It
      I like the Skins too. Just not at No. 3 If I put the Skins at #1 Champ, would you tell me to slow my roll a bit? Probably. I'm just reacting to #3. Put them at #7-10, and I agree. Same with Pittsburgh. And more teams need to man up and play Seattle tougher. Pack some L's on those weak sisters. Who should get away with such a crap Oline like that, and crappy offensive targets?
      Farr Be It · Oct 18, 2017
    3. Angry Ram
      Steelers are better overall than most teams. At least right now.

      Redskins has been pretty consistent and are very good on defense, but losing 2 starting CBs gonna hurt.

      I'm not giving the shitbirds reverence, they are there by default. They still had an ugly loss in Tennessee.
      Angry Ram · Oct 18, 2017
  3. LACHAMP46

    Vikings, Saints, Steelers, and Dolphins must be sliding you some money or something? Food??? Drugs??? Women????? Inquiring minds wanna know?:whistle::thinking:
    1. Angry Ram
      Vikings - 4-2, first place and have a very good defense, and players at the skills spots.

      Saints- Have beaten the Panthers already (at their place) and suddenly did a 180 on defense. They are playing very well right now, better than most other teams.

      Steelers - Like the Vikings, they are 4-2 and in first. Just b/c there is drama doesn't mean they aren't better than others.

      Dolphins - Hey, 3-2 and coming back on the road is what good teams do, but I think they aren't like that every week. Again, I based on these on week-to-week results, overall play, and head-to-head results
      Angry Ram · Oct 18, 2017
    2. LACHAMP46
      I got you....
      Vikes have Case Keenum starting....they'll fall soon, or we was wrong about Case.
      Steelers have some talent...but Ben looks weird...Like, finished...
      Dolphins have Jay Cutler...dude don't wanna play.
      Saints are the one team I do think will remain elite this entire season...Esp. with Aaron Rodgers going down. They see opportunity.
      LACHAMP46 · Oct 19, 2017