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NFL Power Rankings, Week 17: Power Rankings Week 17

Blah. Last week of the season is awful. About half the games are meaningless. No Monday Night game and this year no Sunday night game.

Fortunately for Rams fans, the season continues!

As always, these rankings are based on overall record, head to head match ups, and overall body of play.
Do I think they are the best team right now? No, but they have the best regular season record. If anything, they showed that their DST can win games. That sounds familiar.
You know you're good when you don't play particularly well and still win.
Someone needs to pull a Rams and go into Foxborough and punch em in the mouth. I'm lookin at you, Pittsburgh.
Author's Favorite Team
Like seriously, go freakin punch em in the mouth.
Author's Favorite Team
Do I think this the 5th best team in the league...no. The only thing preventing them from being one is my rule of overall record.
Big Mover: Gain of 3 spots
That was a domination win against Atlanta. Injuries on D could come to bite em, though.
That was not a good performance, against a weak team, AT HOME.
C'mon Atlanta, if you don't do anything else this season, just keep the shitbirds out of the playoffs.
Big Mover: Loss of 3 spots
They fell into the trap. Then they were arguing and whining on the sideline. Seattle south, indeed.
It wasn't exactly a domination, but here they are likely looking at a 10-6 final record.
That 6 game streak is still too fresh, but the good news is they are going back to what worked, feeding Kareem Hunt.
The positive is they WON a game where in the past they would have LOST.
And yet they still can make the playoffs. The AFC is so weak this year.
Doesn't it bother anyone else that these loudmouths are still "in the hunt?"
I would laugh at this group, but that would mean I'd be applauding the shitbirds, which just made me throw up in my mouth.
Eliminated from Playoffs
Talk about a CHOKE of all CHOKES.
I couldn't help but smile on that 4th down play when they were crying for a penalty, had Todd Gurley stopped behind the LOS, and STILL couldn't stop him. Maybe they should've paid attention.
That was the Redskins team that were supposed to see all year. I hope Kirk leaves though for a team that appreciates him.
Too injured, too inconsistent, Raid-uhs in a nutshell. One more year in Oakland.
I tell you what, we gonna be the most celebrated, the best goshdarn 5 win team in the league! I mean we barely beat other bottom feeders but damnit 5 wins!!!
So Brucey is leaving after this year. There goes the Arizona Pension Plan with him.
Big Mover: Loss of 5 spots
So now Aaron Rodgers has to be released. He'll probably pull a Michael Jordan and retire then unretire.
They definitely overachieved this season. And only 5 wins to show for it.
Firing Dirk will be a dumb thing to do, it's obvious the team plays hard for him. But they are gonna keep the GM that drafted Robert Aguayo in the 2nd round???
Hey, take the Ws when you can get them.
Jay Cutler isn't the problem here.
Big Mover: Loss of 4 spots
Well, it looks like Brock won't be the answer.
Too little, too late.
Hopefully Frank Gore can give it one more go next season, dude doesn't deserve to end it like this.
Author's Favorite Team
JJ Watt literally represents this city, as he was shown doing what everyone else was watching the Texans play...mindlessly scrolling through their phones.
Even King Julian won't hail these New York Giants.
What's worse, staring at an 0-16 record or being the Chargers, knowing they are the only team Cleveland has beat in 2 years?

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    Thanks for doing these all season. Much appreciated. (y)
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