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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Power Rankings Week 13

Hey! It's Taylor Swift's favorite week. Because 13, and that's her number. No? OK then.

Only 5 more weeks of regular season football left. Looks like playoffs are a legit possibility for the Rams, so January will be helluva lot of fun for once.

As always these rankings are based on overall record, head-to-head matchups, and overall body of play.
Suddenly the narrative is they haven't beaten anyone good. Maybe because no one is currently better?
The mark of a good team is not having a let down game after a big win. Kudos, Case Keenum.
Author's Favorite Team
Sometimes it's better to have a strength of your team let you down. Only if you win though.
My hate for this team is slowly dwindling. But rising toward Peter King.
Author's Favorite Team
Best part was Jared Goff taking the game into his own hands, keeping final drives alive.
Gotta give kudos to Cam Jordan. That dude took it to Andrew Whitworth.
Love him or hate him, Cam is succeeding despite losing his top 2 receivers.
They have quietly won three straight, playing really well, and getting healthier. I will not be surprised if they go deep in the playoffs.
Big Mover: Loss of 2 spots
Talk about your token trap games.
No I don't think Buffalo is a top 10 team. I just don't want the next team in this ranking in the top 10.
Because you aren't a good defense when you beat a 1 win team with a nobody at QB.
Hey, it's technically a bounce back win.
I really don't care about them being in LA too, I'm rooting for Philip Rivers.
Big Mover: Loss of 4 spots
I dare anyone to start a Lions running back next week against the Ravens.
Why in the world would Patrick Mahomes come in now? Does he have clones that can play 22 spots?
Big Mover: Gain of 10 spots
Holy cow these guys are 6-5 and still in the playoff race. Who knew, apparently no one until last night.
Trent Williams is my kinda guy. First punches Dick Sherman in the face and now is gonna play the rest of the year hurt just to show he won't quit.
Author's Favorite Team
Think about this, BOB has kept Tom Savage for FOUR years on his team. And Texans fans want to blame the GM.
Shows how much a defense can keep a team in play.
Big Mover: Loss of 5 spots
You deserve all of this, Jerruh.
Blaine freakin Gabbert. I didn't know he was still playing.
Insert unfunny witty joke about Michael Crabtree's necklace. No, I'm not gonna call it a chain.
Big Mover: Gain of 4 spots
Gotta give credit to an injury-riddled team that still competes.
Big Mover: Loss of 4 spots
I can't come up with anything clever for these guys. That's how irrelevant they are.
Gotta wonder how they would've been if they won against the Patriots earlier on.
Big Mover: Loss of 5 spots
That was bad. Any progress promptly flushed away.
Big Mover: Loss of 5 spots
I feel bad for Chuck Pagano. His team is injured, still gets them to play hard, dealt with the owner/GM shitstorm last year, and is gonna get canned. Stupid.
Insert second unfunny witty joke about Aqib Talib here.
The Hurricanes became relevant faster than the Dolphins. Also I miss their old logo.
Seriously, those kids dressed as Ben McAdoo was funny as hell. I bet their douches too.
Must've been a helluva party celebrating that 1 win during the bye.
You know the Factory has sunk to a new low when their best offensive player hasn't played in 3 years.

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