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NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Power Rankings Week 11

Week 11. Almost every team has had their bye and your favorite team(s) are in one of thee spots:

1. Playoff contention

2. .500 purgatory

3. Praying your team doesn't embarrass themselves.

As always, these rankings are based on overall record, head-to-head matchups, and overall body of play.
The Eagles face Dallas without their RB. They probably would be them regardless.
Author's Favorite Team
But...but....who have they played?!??! The exact same teams Seattle has or will.
Author's Favorite Team
You shouldn't use the word "thankfully" when beating a team you should beat easily. Unless you're the Rams, in which case you should beat these teams easily, but doesn't mean you're good.
But...whoooo have they plaaayyeedd?!?!?! Wait, that logic doesn't apply here.
But...whoooo have they plaaayyeedd?!?!?! Wait, that logic doesn't apply here, either.
But...whoooo have they plaaayyeedd?!?!?! Can we use this here now? Or does it only apply to the Rams?
Doesn't matter if the opponent is weak, good teams win games they should (this doesn't apply to the Rams).
Big Mover: Gain of 5 spots
How many know they are 1st in the South with a 6-3 record? Be honest.
Soooo does the Rams loss make them a good team or a bad team?
No, running around backwards and throwing a jump ball isn't "magic". It's dumb luck.
The rest of the division is just so bad now, KC might win it by default.
Give credit to them, they are hurting but still fight every game. They aren't an easy out by any means.
At 5-4, Lions fans are now the biggest Rams fans this week.
At the end of the day, they are 5-4 and right back in the mix.
Big Mover: Loss of 7 spots
Yeesh...talk about a tank.
It's amazing how 2 games can make a pretty 5-2 record into a barely scrapping by 5-4 record.
Time flies: It was 9 years ago when they were a high flying Super Bowl squad.
With a favorable schedule, we'll see if they are good or truly 3-6 bad (if they were the Rams, beating the bad teams wouldn't count).
The Raiders can score, and most teams left on their schedule have weaker Ds. They have a shot.
These guys have so many owies....yet they still play well and even win games.
These were the Jets that everyone expected, yet they still have a shot at the playoffs.
"I know how you feel, Benny." - Todd Gurley
The Colts are a competitive team and teams should take them seriously, except if your the Rams in which case you just beat a bad team.
Author's Favorite Team
Which BOB should go first?
I don't think Vontaze Burfict cares anymore. No one cares about the Bengals, either.
Hey, in addition to the W, the Tampa Bay kicker actually made some field goals! Yay!
Big Mover: Loss of 2 spots
Brock didn't do too bad. That defense is just not playing well at all.
This is the most boring team in the league this year.
Finally, no more prime time Dolphins games. Eff there's one more.
Has there ever been a more celebrated 1-9 team?
I normally don't say this, but they really, really need to fire EVERYBODY.
That sequence at the end of the first half was the worst in football history, especially considering it took place in Detroit.

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  1. Farr Be It
    Good read @Angry Ram

    The season is a journey. It is about peaking at the right time. Improving every week. And staying healthy.

    At various times this year, it had been the Chiefs. Detroit. Denver! For crying out loud. Jacksonville. The Bills. Houston. Right now the Eagles. Can they keep it up?
    In the mean time New England builds.

    At some level it is nice that there is an undercurrent of disrespect for the Rams out there. Fuels the fire. (Not that the character of this team allows for complacency) it’s nice to be the darlings of the league, but with the spotlight comes distractions. (And typically hot chick groupies! :yay:)

    Remember a few weeks ago when the AFC West was being crowned best in the NFL? :LOL:

    The Rams may suffer a loss or three along the way, but I think McVay is doing this the right way.

    Who knows. When we play one of our few cold weather games in Seattle next month, he may even pull out the hoodie. :sneaky:
  2. LoyalRam
    Yes Angry, like it. I can't wait to test our team against the best. I think the Rams are the best, and now we will see.
  3. Legatron4
    I hate the Ravens for how boring they are.
      CGI_Ram likes this.
  4. CGI_Ram
    That was a fun read. Chiefs sure are sliding having lost 3 of 5.
      LoyalRam likes this.