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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Angry Ranks Week 9

Hey guys, I'm able to get to these this week. I'll try to get these as best as I can, but real life you know.

As always I based these based on overall record, head-to-head matchups, and overall body of play.
Author's Favorite Team
Isn't it sad how if it were any other team it would be "finding a way to win", but with the Rams it's "Ty Montgomery gave it away." Whatevs, haters gonna hate.
At this time last year, the Chiefs were sputtering before revvin back up. This year there hasn't been sputter.
Even on a night when the O can only score field goals against the Bills, this team seems like the most complete in the AFC.
Still think that D gonna bite dat beat dem Saints ass. Seriously why do you talk like that????
Author's Favorite Team
Well, well, well. Looks who's back on par.
It's like they are good, but you can't tell.
Not bad for LA's red-headed step child that no one cares about anymore.
The Redskins should dub 2018 as Adrian Peterson's FU Tribute to Cris Carter.
Discount Double Check with your coaches to not bring out the damn ball.
Talk about laying a dump against the Titans and then the Panthers. Maybe a fan will eat said dump.
Aww that's cute, when they thought they were division champs.
Seriously. Are the Rams the only team that can kick their ass?
Just keep them out of night games and they'll be golden. And move the Super Bowl to noon, then too.
OK. Now they are officially overrated.
No Mack Daddy = no problemo.
Author's Favorite Team
See BOB what happens when the running game is utilized? Good things happen. 5 in a row. GOOD JOB TEXANS.
The name Bortles just reminds me of warts.
And still rebuilding since 1957.
They are no easy pass anymore. Marlon Mack, Andrew Luck, and TY Hilton is a pretty good triplet.
Gee, I wish our team would've gotten a pass with all these injuries.
Please, please just no more "America's game of the week" featuring these bores. Not gonna happen tho.
Ryan Fitzpatrick has eaten more wins despite being benched for the finger licker.
At 3-5 are the next best team in the AFCE.
It's not Case. It's the inconsistent defense.
Remember September? That was fun.
They were on bye this week and I totally forgot they were in the league still.
You celebrate that second win, Steve Wilks. Celebrate the hell out of it!
And maybe Kyle Shanahan can join in on the 2 win fun!!!!!
And just like that, the factory is back.
At least they compete hard every week. Just too talent depleted.
At least they have some talent in place, still.
Unlike these jokers.

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