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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: Angry Ranks Week 7

Hey these are back!!! Joy!!!! Some of these teams might have huge rises or falls because I'm basing it off two weeks of results, and as always over all record, head-to-head matchups, and overall body of play.

Let's go!!!!
Author's Favorite Team
Beating up cupcakes? Check.

Winning shootouts? Check.

Winning cold weather games? Check.

Super Bowl.
So slowly but surely the crappier teams had their fun while the normally good teams are getting healthier and back on course.
Good D, productive O. And I hate it.
"Hi-ho Patrick the Frooooggggg here and I have to do everything because my defense can't stop a runny nose"
Chiefs of the NFC? All offense, no defense.
I don't what y'all say. Kirk Cousins did the best TD celebration all season.
Ultimate irony is Drew Brees breaking records and likely going to be throwing less since Mark Ingram came back.
Wait it still says San Diego here.
Author's Favorite Team
Well, after two straight weeks this is the Steelers O we all know and love (well, at least me lol).
I honestly didn't mind the Bengals. Then Vontaze Burfict came back and shat all over that.
Yeeesh. Talk about clunkers. First Leonard Fournette goes down, having to rely on Blake Bortles (ugh), and now their D gave up a 40 burger to the worst O in the league.
Bear trap game!!!
Aren't Panthers supposed to be sleek, sneaky, and agile? This team plays like a bunch of cement trucks.
Winning by default. Yay. And no I don't think they are this good. The other teams remaining are that much worse.
Imagine if they gave up the lead to Tampa. That sphincter stadium would literally have passed gas.
Destined for 8-8.
Release Kerryon Johnson!!!! I'm playing him in fantasy this week!!!!
Ahh Jameis Winston doing Jameis Winston things....king of garbage time yards.
If ya smelllalalalalalalala what da BROCK is cooking?! (unoriginal pun is unoriginal).
Weirdly competitive.
Man give Andrew Luck a Winter Soldier arm. He's gonna need it.
Really....has the best QB Denver has had recently besides Peyton been Jay Cutler???
Ugh, now we are all but guaranteed to get Dallas games every time they are on prime time.
The FACTORY has returned!!!!
Hey can that ripped human mascot of theirs play QB?
Author's Favorite Team
"3rd and 2....SCREEN PASS TIME!!!!" - BOB.
In all seriousness, their defense has been playing quite well the past few weeks. Hooray for moral victories.
I really hope Derek Carr goes to another team and lights it up. I don't remotely care about the Raiders but their idiocy is pissing me off.
I still don't know who their head coach is.
2008 Rams anyone???

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  1. badnews
    nicely done!
      Angry Ram likes this.
  2. JonRam99
    Did you really say you weren't witty this time???? Panthers playing like cement trucks??
    Thanks for this, enjoyed the laughs. I'd trade for Derek Carr to back up Goff & heal up for a while, then we trade him when his value shoots thru the moon after a season with McVay
    1. Angry Ram
      lol glad you liked that one....spur of the moment on it
      Angry Ram · Oct 18, 2018
  3. Farr Be It
    Thanks @Angry Ram

    I still think your lists make more sense than the “experts”.
      Angry Ram likes this.