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NFL Power Rankings, Week 17: Angry Ranks Week 17 (final edition)

And thus, we have arrived. The last week of the NFL season. It's bittersweet. Sure, we still have the playoffs, but gone are 9 hour lazy Sundays. No more spaz-tastic whip arounds on NFL Redzone. And coming home on Monday nights? What am I going to do? You won't see more than half the league until next September. Be thankful the Rams are still playing in January.

As always, these records are based on overall record, head to head matchups, and overall body of play.

Fun fact: In the 2018 season, I never once looked at an "expert's" power rankings. Just the ones from my own brain.
The Bears are the only team that hasn't stumbled as of late. So they get the top spot to end the year.
The Saints should thank "Santa Tomlin" for that gift of a short field on a failed faked punt.
Author's Favorite Team
Nothing like absolutely destroying a bottom feeder to get back on track.
So where's the freak out and criticism? Oh it's only reserved for the *other* LA team.
This is going to be must-see playoffs. Andy Reid's best team in years, even without Kareem Hunt. Will he get them to advance?
So they barely scrapped by against a sub .500 team. No criticism? OK then.
Literally the shitbirds of the AFC. Just like their real life avian counterparts, they crap on everything that's going right.
Author's Favorite Team
If it weren't for the LA teams, Hank Hill's dream of an all-Texas Super Bowl is in the realm of possibility.
Well someone had to win that division.
Hilarious at all the people who traded away Dalvin Cook in fantasy. Dude is a league winner right now.
Most underrated defense belongs to these guys, not Dallas.
Philly fans must be anxious....get that horse poo ready!
They play like Tom Brady's age.....old, slow, but still win?
OK, I admit I was super cynical towards them all year. But could you blame me? As Rams fans we never got this much underdog love during our darkest years.
And to all those that benched Aaron Rodgers in fantasy....ouch.
Author's Favorite Team
This game was Mike Tomlin's career in a nutshell. Look like studs 99% of the game...then give it away in the end. Literally.
And that's why I never bought into them as a good team.
These guys will be back next year. It might be Matt Ryan's beginning of the end of his Falcon's career.
Heineke. You won't pay a lot, but you won't win a lot.
Weird how explosive and competitive they are without OBJ.
Considering how they were projected to do vs. how they competed in almost every game, this was a successful "bridge" season.
The Snyder Circus is back in town!
They can't even tank right.
Too busy celebrating that fourth win I guess.
Now we start with teams that still have pride.
So maybe it wasn't all on Derek Carr?
Now we start the teams with that don't give a damn any more.
Matthew Stafford might be gone in 2 years.
Respect to Larry Fitzgerald.

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